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Spectrum Industries is the premier manufacturer of School Furniture Products that facilitate learning by incorporating innovative designs with technology and communications equipment. Over the past 40 plus years, Spectrum Industries has gained valuable experience in a number of different markets identifying new trends and serving customer needs.

Spectrum Industries is more confident than ever that their commitment to producing high-quality educational furniture products and providing complete customer satisfaction will benefit your organization.
Spectrum SLIM Lectern Series
The space-saving design of the SLIM Lectern and Adjustable Height SLIM Lectern allows you to take your AV anywhere! Its sleek frame fits in even the smallest of spaces and won't make you compromise on AV accessibility. The optional 6RU Vertical Rack Cube makes installation a snap while the removable audience-side panel provides unhindered access to AV equipment. The Adjustable Height SLIM Lectern adjusts from 40"-50" high to accommodate any user.
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Configurable Furniture Solutions

Collaboration Desks and Tables

Spectrum lets you optimize success with innovative, technology-ready collaborative desks and tables. Quickly reconfigure your active learning environment to meet the needs of any collaboration space.

eSPORTS Furniture

Evolve your esports program! Spectrum offers a complete line of innovative furniture to engage and integrate your esports arena.

Lecterns and Podiums

It's important to find a lectern that is easy to integrate. If you need one or 50, each lectern should be easy to integrate all your technology needs. From removable panels to large rack rail, Spectrum has the right lectern for you.

Makerspace Solutions

Any collaboration space can become a Makerspace with flexible furniture that enables students to work together or independently.

Mobile Charging Stations

Chromebooks, laptops and tablets in the classroom allow for speed of note-taking and engagement with online sources. Spectrum has the perfect cart available to handle all sizes of laptops so they are charged and read to go.

Mobile Workstations

Mobility in the classroom is key to a collaborative environment. Spectrum Mobile Workstations work perfect for both students and instructors, allowing freedom throughout the room and in the learning process.

Seating Solutions

There have been many ergonomic studies done, and it has been shown that a supportive chair increases productivity and maximizes the efficiency of the person sitting in it. Spectrum offers a variety of chairs that will work for all needs.

Space Planning Services

Let Spectrum Space Planning Services handle that for you. Spectrum will work with your teachers to design layouts for classroom furniture and equipment that is in line with district requirements and best for your specific goals.
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