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Today’s educators continue to embrace the latest audiovisual technology in the classroom, auditorium, gymnasium and more. Improve learning with AV enhancements from Vaddio. Vaddio brands design AV solutions for education with an awareness of pedagogical trends and how they may affect the classroom environment. Trends like collaborative learning and online teaching are just a few of the latest movements AV designers need to understand in order to provide the best experiences with technology.
Introducing a Professional Solution for Lecture Capture and Conferencing
Introducing the AV Bridge 2x1. Vaddio is excited to release a product that will finally provide a professional way for you to record and live-stream classroom lectures, auditorium performances, and video conference meetings. Compatible with all popular soft clients and streaming services like Zoom, WebEx, Facebook Live and YouTube OR record to a computer OR magnify the source with an in-room display, that's the Art of Easy.
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