Vivitek | Invigorate Your Classroom with Immersive Technology

From the grade school classroom to the university lecture hall, Vivitek projectors help educators capture the attention of their students, convey important information, and guide collaborative discussions. Our interactive projectors provide the perfect conduit for effective student participation, while our 3D-equipped models deliver deeply immersive images — especially ideal for the sciences. All education projectors are equipped with a wealth of connectivity options to service educational institutions of all network and technology setups. Spark exciting new methods of learning in your classrooms with a Vivitek projector.

3D Projection

With projectors capable of dynamically adapting 2D content into 3D, without the need for external software, Vivitek projectors make harnessing 3D projection simple and easy.


A critical breakthrough in education technology, Vivitek's new line of interactive projectors enable educators to easily interact with students, using pen or finger-touch interactive capabilities, to enhance their learning and retention.

Complete Connectivity

HDBaseT™, 3G-SDI, MHL, HDMI, RGB, USB and wireless are a few of the connection options available with Vivitek projectors for your specific application. Projector management options include RoomView™, AMX, TelNet, Crestron e-Control, PJ-Link, SSDP, RS232 and LAN, depending on the model of projector.

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