November 14, 2018

Howard sponsors Virtual Reality (VR) event at Northeast Mississippi Community College

Howard Technology Solutions sponsored the highly anticipated Virtual Reality (VR) Event at Northeast MS Community College in Booneville, MS on November 13, 2018. This event was designed to demonstrate the tremendous benefits of incorporating VR and AR (Augmented Reality) into school curriculum.

Event attendees—area educators, administrators, and technology personnel—had the opportunity to experience VR firsthand using a variety of technologies. From touring historic sites and exploring natural wonders to learning technical skills, studying anatomy, and creating art, VR allows students to engage with educational content in a whole new way.

According to HOWARDedu representative Shana Neely, “VR-based instruction is the future of education. It provides a completely immersive learning experience that enables students to assimilate information more thoroughly; they learn more, so they're better prepared to find their place in the world.”
Howard NEMCC Virtual Reality Event
A unique fair allows educators to "explore, play and learn" about emerging technologies and how those are being applied in academics.

NEMCC Technology Specialist and VR proponent, Jeffrey Powell, helped pave the way for this event. He said, “Every year we look for ways to do more than the year before to help our students achieve all that they can. This year, we discussed the advantages of VR-based instruction and realized what a significant impact it could make in reaching that goal."

While the potential for students and schools using this technology is unlimited, budgets are not. With that in mind, NEMCC welcomed the opportunity to work with Howard, a company well known for its cost-effective approach to providing quality technology.

NEMCC President Rick Ford said “We hope this event will provide just what we need to take Northeast classroom instruction to the next level. The more educated our students are upon completion of a curriculum that utilizes VR/AR technology, the more contributions they will have to make to the workforce. We’re excited to find out what this new venture with VR/AR will do in preparing our students.

About HOWARDedu:
HOWARDedu focuses solely on assisting K12 schools and higher education facilities to create and maintain optimum learning environments. We supply schools with innovative technology from the most trusted names in the business, and we make it affordable. HOWARDedu representatives are highly trained and have a thorough understanding of the requirements and challenges associated with education. From consultation and demos to integration, training and maintenance, HOWARDedu works closely with individual schools, expertly guiding them through the labyrinth of technology to instructional solutions that most effectively meet their needs. Visit us online at or contact your Howard representative.

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