January 7, 2019

Howard Medical and AMD Global Telemedicine partner to enable remote, real-time interactive communication between patients and healthcare providers

Howard Medical, a leading manufacturer of premium medical carts based in Ellisville, MS, recently partnered with AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc, the leading developer of telehealth solutions for healthcare organizations around the world.

This strategic partnership will enable both companies to address some of the toughest challenges in our current healthcare system more effectively—insufficient access to care, limited number of qualified providers, and rising health costs, to name just a few.

Howard Medical and AMD Global Telemedicine share a common goal, that of equipping healthcare organizations with telehealth tools and web-based software solutions to ensure that physician access is only a simple Telemedicine encounter away. Improved access to care means patients can be diagnosed and treated earlier, with better outcomes and less costly treatments.

"In today's dynamic healthcare landscape it is critical for partners to work together to deliver a combined solution that customers can trust," commented Ron Emerson, Global Director of Strategic and Partner Development at AMD Global Telemedicine. "We are excited to partner with such a prominent organization as Howard Medical to bring our combined expertise to healthcare providers around the world for their telehealth needs."

By enabling remote, real-time, diagnostic interactive telemedicine between patients and healthcare providers, telemedicine is changing the face of healthcare, with the potential to deliver more than 6 billion dollars a year in healthcare savings to US hospitals and their patients. Increased cost efficiency is achieved by reducing transportation expenses, minimizing readmissions, and eliminating unnecessary ER visits. Additional benefits include greater patient access to specialists and mental health providers, improved quality of care, and better communication among providers.

Because Howard Medical and AMD understand the need to be versatile when creating or expanding telehealth programs, they offer a complete suite of products designed to support a multitude of hardware and software applications and encompass a wide range of physician options and areas of practice.

Brian Swistak, Vice President of Howard Medical Sales, said, “HTS Medical is excited to team with AMD as our two companies bring together a complete end-to-end telehealth solution.  AMD’s Agnus Software combined with our suite of durable mobile solutions will provide caregivers with a world-class telehealth experience, regardless of distance or location.”

From remote patient monitoring and rural health clinics to school-based health centers and retail pharmacies, telemedicine is making a difference. Look to Howard Medical and AMD to create, install, train, and support your telemedicine programs.

About Howard Medical:
As a leading manufacturer of quality medical carts that continue to secure market recognition, Howard Medical provides real-world healthcare solutions that are designed to ease workflows, boost efficiency, and enhance patient care. Along with revolutionary POC carts, Howard offers specialized hardware technologies that are vital to EMR, CPOE, PACS, and other health-related systems.

About AMD Global Telemedicine:
AMD Global Telemedicine (AMD) creates telehealth solutions that empower healthcare organizations to deliver care through digital technology. AMD embraces change and listens to our customers to provide personalized telehealth solutions that connect patients with remote healthcare providers, regardless of location, circumstance, or time. Since 1991, AMD has delivered Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS®) to over 10,000 patient end-points in more than 98 countries. For more information on AMD Global Telemedicine visit

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