May 20, 2020

Howard Technology Solutions Partnered with 22 Miles to Launch Temperature Reading and Gatekeeping Kiosk Solution

In partnership with 22Miles, Howard Industries introduces the Contactless Passive Detection Temperature Sensing kiosk for Medical and HR applications in your business, restaurant, or anywhere you want to assure the health of patron’s employees.

This innovative gate-keeping solution can sense temperature from anyone who passes through its sensors that will trigger an auditory or silent alarm. This alarm can alert security of a person who is above a specific temperature and prevent them from entering your establishment.

The software display features a picture of the subject’s face. It has a simple interface that lights up GREEN or RED light based on the temperature that is sensed and how it relates to an acceptable, preset, human temperature.

For even greater security, facial recognition can be used to match employees face to their temperature not only for sensing their well-being but also for standard entry into the business.

The Initial offerings are housed with Howard's R2 & R3 enclosures with a 22” LED display, all in portrait-orientation with the sensor device above the display.

The 22Miles Software supports three (3) iterations (types) of this sensing products:

  • Passive detection: visitors need to walk up to a screen to detect and show their temperature. This is one on one application. 
  • Active detection: multiple users tracking from on a desk station, showing each person’s temperature on the camera.
  • Walkthrough detection, like the anti-theft device, at the entrance of a store. We will support both visual (flashing different colors of lights) and audio (different tones) alerts. This would benefit convenience stores like 711.

Howard Kiosks are built with American made cold-rolled steel in Howard Industries' US Based manufacturing plants.

Furthermore, the kiosk can utilize the latest antimicrobial technology in the Kiosk Industry. Howard displays can be sintered with a baked-in antimicrobial layer of protection along with Howard Industries' antimicrobial powder-coated finishes for the metal kiosk housing.

What better way to achieve a full-solution antimicrobial defense and achieve a real peace of mind? If you’re looking to give your stakeholders, customers, and employees piece of mind when they come to your business, Howard Industries and 22Miles have a solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

About Howard Technology Solutions' Kiosks:
Howard Technology Solutions brings to market cutting-edge technology that is high quality, reliable, and affordable. From our own Howard manufactured products, such as desktops, notebooks, servers, kiosks, and medical carts to partner products from other leading technology innovators, such as Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft, you can be sure when you buy from Howard that you are getting the most for your technology dollars. Our kiosks minimize staffing requirements, reduce operating and transaction costs while increasing sales/revenue, foot traffic and efficiency; manage peak traffic flow, add off-hours convenience, and enhance the overall consumer experience, which, in turn, increases customer loyalty.
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