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Educate and inform visitors, patients, and staff with scalable, digital signage and kiosk solutions from Howard Medical. Whether yours is a large, multi-building facility or a small family practice, digital signage kiosks can work for you. They expand your ability to reach people within seconds, for reliable, real-time delivery of important messages, such as Amber and Silver alerts. Used in waiting areas, they can help reduce perceived wait times by distracting patients with news and weather updates; sporting events, physician profiles and health-related  information. Digital signage kiosks also help streamline operations by automating self-service transactions, such as bill payment and check-in processes. And, yes, all of this helps to improve the overall patient experience.

Indoor Kiosks

Telemedicine Kiosks

Wayfinding Kiosks

Telemedicine Kiosk Solutions

Where better than school to reach out to children and teens who need healthcare and, perhaps, treatment for mental and emotional disorders? Teachers are not trained psychiatrists, but they do spend a lot of time with their students and can recognize behavioral problems which may be rooted in mental and emotional issues. So in addition to providing a safe environment for their students, teachers can help students connect with healthcare professionals who are experienced in treating both medical and psychiatric conditions. The key is access. Telehealth is the solution. Ask your Howard representative what we can do for your school.

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A1 Telemedicine Kiosk | W2 Telemedicine Kiosk

Temperature Sensing Kiosks

COVID-19 has emphasized the need for everyone to be vigilant with a view to stopping the spread of disease, and because fever is a symptom of underlying infection, temperature verification is your first line of defense. Howard’s Temperature Sensing kiosks use the latest interactive kiosk technology—contactless, digital body temperature sensors—to provide your organization with a safe and effective way to detect people with elevated temperatures, so you can take the necessary steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to infectious disease.

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ArrivScan Micro | ArrivScan Mini
RevScan Flash | RevScan Flash Tabletop | RevScan Flex | RevScan Flare Wall-Mount

Patient Bill-Pay Solutions

Howard’s Patient Bill-Pay kiosk options enable patients to make payments conveniently and privately during check-in, without requiring assistance from office personnel. During the check-in process, patients can also update personal details and confirm insurance information. Collecting payments and securing verified insurance data in advance helps to streamline office processes and reduces the need for collection services.

Patient Check-In Solutions

The Howard Patient Check-In model kiosk gives your patients control over their healthcare information, helping to minimize errors and improve their experience. Strategic partnerships with other industry professionals enable us to provide you with all the equipment you need to make patient check-in a breeze.

Information Access Solutions

Allow patients to view their medical records, update account information, schedule appointments, make payments, and more, with interactive kiosk solutions from Howard Medical. Automated information access kiosks are convenient, secure, and help to ensure HIPAA compliance; they enable patients to complete forms digitally, as well as update and view sensitive information privately. Updated patient information can, then, be reviewed by providers prior to or during the patient visit. Interactive healthcare kiosks also reduce administrative paperwork and, by extension, staffing requirements and overhead costs. The bottom line: Information access kiosks increase efficiency, improve financial performance, and result in greater patient satisfaction.

Vendor Check-In Solutions

Streamline vendor access to your facilities with Vendor check-in kiosks from Howard Medical. A check-in or credentialing system ensures that only vendors who have been properly screened gain admittance, helping to protect against risk of infection and improving security. Each kiosk functions as a central hub, allowing secure, controlled, self-service access to your vendor credentialing system. It is convenient and automated, so pharmaceutical reps and other vendors can enroll, access, and update their credentials without requiring staff assistance. Vendor check-in kiosks also help to ensure regulatory compliance and eliminate unauthorized interaction with medical personnel and ancillary staff.

Locker Solutions

Grow your business, streamline workflows, and increase customer satisfaction with self-service lockers for a contactless BOPIS solution from Howard Interactive. These efficient, automated dispensing solutions allow you to store a multitude of items for later pickup. Howard self-service lockers ensure that personal items and job-issued equipment, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones are kept secure during periods of nonuse and that small tools, safety equipment, protective clothing, and other supplies can be accessed easily as needed. When conveniently located, Howard pick-up lockers, which include omni-channel features, provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Increase productivity
Improve workplace security
Protect employee health
Store valuable objects or materials store tools and equipment
Clothing lockers to prevent cross contamination


Transition seamlessly from online purchase to contactless pick-up for an improved customer experience


Improve staff efficiency while providing improved safety to customers

Temperature Controlled

Pick-up lockers designed to accommodate prepared food items include options for heating or cooling, while units with no special requirements are set to the ambient temperature


Howard pick-up lockers come with omni-channel features, such as mobile ordering and prepayment, so you don’t have to wait
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