Wall-Mounted Arms<br>& Cabinets

Workstation Arms

Strategically placed wall-mounted arms increase efficiency by providing more access points for readily available data. Howard Medical wall-mounted arms include solutions for both patient rooms and high traffic areas, helping clinicians improve workflows and provide better patient care. The height adjustable and side-to-side panning capability of both the keyboard and display enables clinicians to interact with their patients while entering data.

Wall-mounted Cabinets

Designed for superior form, function, and durability, Howard's wall-mounted, all-in-one computing cabinets are the perfect solution for patient rooms, nursing stations, and recovery units–anywhere workspace is limited. In addition to requiring a minimum of space, these wall-mounted cabinets provide proper airflow ventilation for your small-form factor computing device and secure storage for medication, equipment and supplies at the point-of-care, with custom configurations that include even more storage compartments. These cabinet-style workstations enable hospital personnel to access patient records easily and complete charting requirements without interrupting ancillary workflows. And, Howard wall-mounted, all-in-one computing cabinets come with a top-rated 3-year standard warranty and 24-hour customer support. Make your job easier and increase efficiency with Howard wall-mounted computer cabinets!

Med-Dispensing Cabinets

Howard's Medserve med-dispensing cabinet is a secure, wall-mounted medication management system that enhances nurse efficiency and patient care. It electronically secures and organizes medications near patient care areas, improving medication workflow and security.
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