Howard ArrivScan Micro Temperature Detection Kiosk

Introducing the Howard ArrivScan micro Temperature Detecting Kiosk

ArrivScan micro Kiosk

This Contactless Passive Detection Temperature-Sensing kiosk with facial recognition helps maintain a healthy environment for employees, customers, students, visitors, and the general public. This innovative gate-keeping solution can sense the temperature of anyone who passes through its sensors, allowing you to detect those with elevated temperatures to prevent them from entering your establishment. Designed for medical and HR applications and ideal for businesses, schools and universities, restaurants, retailers, and anywhere else you want to be proactive about avoiding the spread of infection.

Facial Recognition and Temperature Measurement Features


Contactless infrared temperature detection within ±0.2°C accuracy and 50°F to 107.6°F temperature range

Rapid Facial Recognition

Rapid facial recognition in less than one second using a 200W pixel binocular wide dynamic camera to perform accurate facial recognition and comparison even when wearing a mask

Large Capacity Storage

Large capacity storage holds up to 30,000 facial IDs for improved facility security

Optional Audible Alarm

Optional audible alarm for temperature measurement and entry management
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