Bill Pay Solutions

Bill Pay Kiosk Solutions

Bill payment kiosks allow students the convenience of being able to pay their bills at your location, 24/7, without the inconvenience of waiting in line. Kiosks are ideal for paying all sorts of bills—utility bills, such as phone, electricity, cable and water; cell-phone, credit card, and insurance bills, to name a few. Kiosks can also handle multi-function money services, like payday loans, check deposits, and prepaid cards. Additionally, kiosks can be customized to include digital signage, increasing foot traffic at your location, as well as the potential for generating additional revenue.

Basic Features

• Simple Intuitive Payment Interface
• Integration with Institution's Existing CIS System
• Payments by Cash, Credit/Debit, or Check
• Ability to Handle Custom Fees
• Use of PCI Validated Solutions
• Scan Barcode for Account Lookup
• Multiple Options for Credit/Debit Processors
• Student-Wide Messages and EMS Alerts

Extended Features

• Innovation to Keep Software Secure and Up-To-Date
• Ability to Add Custom Advertisements to Idle Screens
• Support with 24-Hour Turn-Around
• Response Time within 1-Hour
• Kiosk Customization/Branding Options are Available
• Experience the Howard Advantage

Bill Pay Applications

Notifications by Email of Alerts and Hardware Failures

Keep students up-to-date with quick and useful alerts.

75 Seconds Average Transaction Time

Quick processing leads to more efficient and reliable user service.

Real-Time Lookup and Posting of Payments

Users value their time and money, fast notifications will lead to user loyalty.

Detailed Backend

Your data is dependent on reliable information.

Easy Reconciliation and Balancing

Keep your data reports simple and straight to the point.

Detailed Summaries by Kiosk or Location

Know your service analytics to improve your performance.

No Storage of Sensitive Information

Give your students the peace of mind they value.

Add Any Number of Contacts to Receive Notifications

Our Kiosks make student data collection easier than ever.
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