The CARES Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020 in an effort to provide emergency assistance and healthcare response for individuals, families, and businesses affected by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Educational institutions were included in funding as part of the bill to support teaching and learning. While there is guidance on how the funding is to be spent, it is left up to the local institution to prioritize needs to be funded. Developing and implementing procedures and systems to improve preparedness and response efforts of institutions, purchasing educational technology that aids in interaction between students and teachers, and providing mental health services are all considered essential and must be addressed.

As of January 14, 2021, additional funding is now available to higher education institutions for improvements to learning environments. This page was designed as a planning tool to help educational decision makers ensure that their institution is appropriately equipped to enable each and every student to achieve and succeed.

Classroom Preparedness

Developing and implementing procedures and systems through technology and training improves the preparedness and response efforts of local educational agencies. HOWARDedu can help!
Audiovisual Solutions image

Audiovisual Solutions

Improve instructional quality with a solid audiovisual system from HOWARDedu—state-of-the-art interactive panels, digital signage, and clear audio enhance the learning environment.
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Face Masks

Protect faculty, staff, and students with face masks to help prevent the spread of infectious disease from person-to-person.
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Computing Devices

Use funds received under the CARES Act to facilitate remote learning and to purchase technologies that facilitate Internet connectivity. These technologies can include Chromebooks, laptops, digital signage, interactive displays, and more.
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Lecture Capture

Create online resources for students by recording lectures and presentations for teaching and learning.
Crisis Planning image

Crisis Planning

Plan for crisis situations with HOWARDedu’s support in providing your institution with the necessary processes and procedures to enable swift responses to aid in recovery.
Pen Tablets image

Pen Tablets

Encourage your students to express their creativity with pen tablets. This technology allows for a natural drawing motion, making digital artwork easier and more precise.
Distancing Protocols image

Distancing Protocols

Utilize HOWARDedu’s clear, protective shields, made from durable, easy-to-disinfect acrylic, to protect against airborne micro-organisms. Help reinforce social distancing with innovative furniture.
Web and Document Cameras image

Web and Document Cameras

Keep your students engaged with document and web cameras. They provide the perfect mobile solution for teaching, distance learning, and video communication of all types.

Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning and disinfecting with HOWARDedu’s Hand Sanitizer Kiosks, UV Light Sanitation devices, and facility sanitization services reduces the risk of spreading infection.
Facility and Device Sanitation image

Facility and Device Sanitation

Prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases by cleaning and sanitizing facilities and frequently touched devices before they are used or sent home.
Hand Sanitizer image

Hand Sanitizer

Provide liquid sanitizer for occasions when hand-washing with soap and water is not an option.
Hand Sanitation Kiosks image

Hand Sanitation Kiosks

Kill germs and bacteria and reach your audience with targeted messages using HOWARDedu’s sanitizer kiosks for an all-in-one solution for any learning environment.
UV Light Sanitation Devices image

UV Light Sanitation Devices

Clean and sanitize objects and surfaces quickly and safely with UV light wands that kill 99.9% of bacteria to create sterile environments.

Cyber Security

Identifying network information vulnerabilities in your security architecture through advanced penetration testing allows HOWARDedu to identify and resolve network and information issues that often go undetected.
Classroom Management Software image

Classroom Management Software

Enhance student learning by eliminating distractions with Classroom Management Software. This technology lets you track students’ device usage and helps to keep them focused and on task.
Firewalls image


Provide security for end-to-end protection across your entire network with next-generation firewalls that provide comprehensive protection against ransomware, malicious botnets, and encrypted malware.
Endpoint Protection image

Endpoint Protection

Don’t leave your endpoints open to attack. HOWARDedu has security solutions that work, from firewalls, HIPS systems, and white listing tools to patching and logging/monitoring tools.
Planning and Consultation image

Planning and Consultation

Let HOWARDedu assist you in developing school technology plans and provide support services that include network consulting, programming and management services, installation, and training by our certified technicians.

Facility Solutions

Providing sanitization equipment and services and safety protocols, as well as classroom preparedness make up essential components of HOWARDedu’s facility solutions, along with our large offering of Chromebooks, webcams, headsets, and more.
Occupancy Detection image

Occupancy Detection

Estimate on-premises occupancy levels accurately to allow for a better understanding of visitor patterns and how space is used and to increase efficiency and facilitate social distancing protocols.
Remote Staffing and Support image

Remote Staffing and Support

Transform classrooms and huddle spaces into ultra-connected portals to deliver unmanned, self-guided support wherever help, information, and assistance are needed.
Protective Shields image

Protective Shields

Help safeguard your teachers and students from the spread of airborne droplets containing COVID-19 coronavirus, as well as other viruses and bacteria, with HOWARDedu’s clear, protective Health Shields.
Temperature Management image

Temperature Management

Maintain a healthy environment with HOWARDedu’s Contactless Passive Detection Temperature Sensing Kiosk and hand-held temperature measurement devices.

Physical Security

Video cameras and keyless entry systems that contribute to the security and physical safety of faculty and staff, teachers, and students are key elements of HOWARDedu’s physical security solutions.
Keyless Entry Systems image

Keyless Entry Systems

Save time and money with advanced security, time-determined access control systems, featuring extreme durability and convenience; no need to fumble with keys or re-key locks.
Video Cameras/Systems image

Video Cameras/Systems

Make IP-based video surveillance your security solution of choice. HOWARD offers video cameras and management software, as well as complete surveillance systems.

Professional Development

Assisting in online course preparation and in the creation of blended learning environments supports teacher and staff development. HOWARDedu’s Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities are available to support you and your staff!
Best Practices in Technology Usage image

Best Practices in Technology Usage

Provide your instructors with tools to adapt technology to fit their teaching and learning goals with HOWARDedu professional learning coaches.
Distance Learning Strategies image

Distance Learning Strategies

Participate in interactive online lessons, live streaming, cloud recording, and HD video calling with HOWARDedu there to help guide you.
Crisis Management Planning image

Crisis Management Planning

Develop a Crisis Management Plan with HOWARDedu’s assistance; one that covers mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Mobile Integration Planning and Road-Mapping image

Mobile Integration Planning and Road-Mapping

Build a sustainable growth model for technology integration and professional learning that supports a cultural shift in your learning community with our HOWARDedu consultants.

Telehealth Solutions

Helping students and staff connect with experienced medical and psychiatric professionals with Howard’s Telehealth Kiosks provides benefits to all.
HOWARD Telehealth Kiosk image

HOWARD Telehealth Kiosk

Use live, interactive video conferencing to connect students with healthcare professionals who can offer care and counseling through a HIPAA compliant online platform.
HOWARD Portable Telehealth Kit image

HOWARD Portable Telehealth Kit

Provide on-the-go telemedicine services to students, faculty, and other staff members with the HOWARD Rugged telemedicine kit (RTK).

Wireless Connectivity

Extending learning past school walls by transforming school buses and other vehicles into solar powered, Internet-broadcasting hot spots ensures all students have access to reliable Internet service. HOWARDedu has you covered!
Mobile Wireless Hot Spots image

Mobile Wireless Hot Spots

Park a HOWARDedu School Bus Hot-Spot or other customized vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi access in a neighborhood parking lot to provide Internet to underserved students in your area!
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Wireless Access Points

Employ the latest secure-networking protocols and optimizing feature functionality while reducing configuration and maintenance requirements with HOWARDedu!

Work From Home Kits

Technology such as, laptop computers, tablets, wireless connectivity, and video conferencing solutions, enables teachers, staff, and students to be productive at home. HOWARDedu expands learning horizons.
Accessories image


Name an accessory and HOWARDedu can provide it, from projectors, printers, and scanners to cameras, cables, keyboards, software, ink, and toner; HOWARDedu has it all at low prices.
Lecture Capture image

Lecture Capture

Create online resources for students by recording lectures and presentations for teaching and learning.
Computing Devices image

Computing Devices

Create an individualized learning environment with budget-friendly desktops, Chromebooks, and tablets.
Mics image


Communicate remotely with quality microphones. HOWARDedu can help determine which mic is best for your needs!
Headsets image


Improve focus with headsets that are calibrated to produce exceptional sound. Choices range from in-ear headphones to noise-cancelling models.
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Utilize built-in or stand-alone webcams for remote or online teaching and learning.
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