ADA Compliance & Accessibility

ADA Compliance and Accessibility

Howard Industries recognizes its responsibility to keep up with ADA requirements. Our up-to-date understanding of the ADA affects how we design and build our kiosks, as well as the guidance we give to our clients.

Howard’s goal is to design and build accessible kiosks that comply with U.S. regulatory requirements in even the smallest details. Additionally, we strive to keep production costs to a minimum, so we can pass the savings on to you.

Simplicity is key in our kiosk designs. This ensures that they are usable for everyone. Consumers in wheelchairs, for instance, can access all interaction and input devices, such as touchscreens and keypads, comfortably from their wheelchairs by approaching the kiosk straight-on or from the side.

All Customers in Mind

Adhering to the standard input point, which is at or below 48”, is not the only element of consideration; the kiosk’s height, reach, and ease-of-input must be designed to fulfill ADA consumers’ needs. We consider the following:
What is the maximum  height or
What is the overall height  and reach of each component  presented for user access?
Does the mounting of the kiosk present any obstruction?
ADA compliance for kiosks includes proper kiosk design, appropriate installation and site preparation, and accommodating application development, as well as ensuring that the hardware, software, and facility access are within compliance. All of this is essential to a successful and user-friendly kiosk project.

At Howard, we consult with both our clients and partners to help them properly determine the most suitable plan for ADA compliance. Simply ordering an 'ADA-compliant kiosk' isn't enough; there is more involved than just the physical dimensions of the kiosk.


Our kiosks can include:

  • Alternative pointing devices or interaction methods (ex. Storm Interface Devices)
  • The ability to pair with a handheld device, usually a customer’s own cellphone
  • Numeric keys that are clear and visible
  • Display screens visible from a point located 40 inches above the clear floor space
  • Characters displayed on the screen with sufficient contrast

Visual and Hearing Impairment

The ADA addresses needs of people with all kinds of disabilities, and that includes the hearing and visually impaired. We can assist these individuals by:

  • Providing a headphone jack on the kiosk
  • Allowing users to change the volume
  • Offering visual cues or messages

Design & Ergonomics

We make an effort to design all of our interfaces to be ADA-compliant from the very start, because we have learned that compliant design is good design. Technical elements, such as interface height and size, as well as color contrast, make the interface easier for everyone using the kiosk. Ergonomics and thoughtful placement of peripherals can make a significant difference to access and usability. We consider:

  • Height of interactive elements
  • High contrast colors
  • Size of text and interface elements
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ensuring that items are of sufficient size and adequate spacing
  • The limit of physical barriers

Section 508

Howard takes compliance to another level by going beyond just ADA standards. We comply with Section 508 of the U.S. Government’s Rehabilitation Act, which specifies requirements for federal government kiosks, digital signage, websites, and other IT systems to meet the needs of those who are visually and hearing impaired.

Section 508 is the ultimate standard for hearing and visually impaired people. It requires government agencies to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities. This access to information must be comparable to the access available to others.

Howard Industries strives to make every kiosk ADA compliant.

Howard Industries strives to make every kiosk ADA compliant, but more importantly, we are committed to making our kiosks accessible. Accessible at Howard means going beyond usable; it means giving each person with a disability equal access to services they need and making their experience as seamless as possible.
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