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Howard Interactive gives you the power to connect 24/7—round-the-clock education, information, and communication. Our kiosks can help you to establish a fresh, modern company image, reinforce your identity, and keep your business front-and-center in the minds of both current and potential customers. But that’s not all.

From commercial and banking transactions to government and telehealth applications, Howard Interactive digital signage, virtual and self-service kiosk solutions get the job done. They are convenient and simple to use. They help streamline work processes, increase user satisfaction, and offer other significant advantages over traditional business structures, including reduced overhead costs and increased profits. And as important as those benefits are, there is something more.

The new paradigm shift in social parameters is fueling a demand for virtual and self-service solutions like never before. To meet these needs, Howard Interactive has ramped up kiosk production. We are committed to creating cost-effective solutions that can be used not just here in the U.S., but globally, because we’re all in this together.
Why Howard Interactive?
Howard is recognized as a premier manufacturer. Our parent company, Howard Industries, was founded in 1968 and is the world’s largest builder of oil-filled distribution transformers. This has enabled us to draw from a knowledge base of over 500 mechanical and electrical engineers with a collective experience that amounts to literally thousands of hours. Over the past five decades, Howard’s manufacturing space has grown along with our product lines, which include computers, servers, medical carts, and kiosks. Howard is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has over 72,000 sq.ft. of space dedicated to producing superior products.
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Customizable Solutions

In the world of kiosks, we understand that one size does not fit all. That is why Howard Interactive offers one of the largest selections of kiosks in the industry, from our H1 outdoor, bill-pay model to our large form factor, D1 digital signage and wayfinding kiosk, as well as every size and style kiosk in-between. It’s also why we continue to engineer customizable solutions for those clients who have unique requirements.
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In addition to being completely customizable, our kiosks are built with the latest technology—computing, scanning, printing, software—from our tier-one partners. Howard kiosks are built with cold-rolled steel for outstanding durability and backed by an industry-best warranty. They are also designed to comply with U.S. regulatory requirements, including ADA and HIPAA. Our up-to-date understanding of these guidelines and other applicable standards enables us to assist our clients in selecting models that are best suited for their needs.
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Since introducing our interactive kiosks, the demand for them has grown exponentially, and we’ve expanded to include a variety of markets. Our goal is to provide the best Kiosk and Digital Signage solutions in the industry. As always, we strive to keep production costs to a minimum, so we can pass the savings on to you. And keep in mind, Howard Interactive manufactures all of our kiosks here in the United States, providing thousands of jobs for American workers.
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Service & Support

Howard Interactive knows that good communication and exceptional service pay big dividends in customer loyalty; in fact, Howard’s reputation for outstanding customer service is one thing that sets us apart. We have technical expertise in both hardware and software self-service solutions and the ability to provide sustainable service and support over years to come. At Howard, we custom fit our services to give you the help you need, when you need it.
That is why our customer service team is available 24/7/365.

What Howard Interactive Can Do for You

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Conceptual, Industrial, and Mechanical Design

Our team of dedicated engineers can take your kiosk ideas and put them on paper. From conceptual drawings to industrial and mechanical design, Howard can give you the look you want with the features you need.
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Manufacturing of Your Design

Howard has over 50 years of manufacturing experience in a wide variety of materials, including rolled steel. Your kiosk is designed, manufactured, and tested in Ellisville, MS, USA, and held to the highest standards in the industry.
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Howard Antimicrobial Displays and Kiosks have a patented antimicrobial coating that is designed to kill bacteria and prevent growth of microorganisms over a 24-hour period of contact, utilizing antimicrobial additives that have been proven effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant MRSA, E.coli and VRE—24/7 germ-free protection for life.
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Enclosure-Only Option

If you are looking for an enclosure-only option, Howard can fill that need. Our highly skilled engineers and manufacturing team can design and build an enclosure that will meet the kiosk demand of any facility down to the smallest detail.
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Turn-Key Solution

Howard can supply your business with a turn-key kiosk solution. Best-of-breed partnerships with world-class software companies enable us to provide your organization or workspace with a system that is ready to go!
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Trucking and Logistics

Howard has its own transportation subsidiary, so getting your shipment of kiosks from point A to point B is not a problem. Each kiosk is packaged and secured for easy unloading and moving once it gets to your location.
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Installation and Maintenance

Howard will be there to help you get your kiosks set up and operational. In addition to on-site installation and integration, our team of experts offers training, maintenance, and repair services once the kiosk is deployed in the field.

You can trust Howard Interactive with any Kiosk project, big or small.

No job is too small, and no job is too large for Howard Interactive. From our team of dedicated Sales and Engineer professionals to our manufacturing staff and professional service representatives, Howard Interactive has what it takes to get the job done!
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