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Preparing Classrooms for Distance Learning

With the provision of the CARES Act providing funding to schools across the nation, it’s up to AV integrators to help expand their distance learning capabilities. As always, the goals of the end user will determine the appropriate AV equipment. As administrators consider different ways to reopen, it’s vital to understand the three popular approaches many schools are taking to distance learning: Synchronous, Asynchronous and Hybrid solutions.

Read on for information on these three different learning solutions.

3 Types of Distance Learning

Synchronous Learning

With synchronous learning, students and teachers meet and learn together in real time, usually through video conferencing platforms like Teams or Zoom. This allows students to ask questions and receive instant feedback from their teachers. It can also help educators ensure that students are engaging with the content. Facilities adapting to a synchronous distance learning strategy should be outfitted with livestreaming technology that will facilitate two-way communication. 

Asynchronous Learning

An asynchronous approach to distance learning sees students learning at their own pace using content that has been pre-recorded separately by a teacher. With the amount of disruption children’s lives have received in the wake of COVID-19, allowing them to learn on a schedule that works for their family can be a major advantage. This format can also allow educators to break their lectures up into shorter videos, which can help keep students engaged with the content. Facilities using asynchronous distance learning should be outfitted with lecture capture technology, PTZ cameras and software to record their lessons for later viewing.

Hybrid Learning

Of course, the choice isn’t exclusive. Many institutions are choosing a hybrid solution that uses both synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. This may take the form of shorter synchronous lessons supplemented with recorded mini-lectures, or a primary asynchronous environment with teachers routinely checking in via livestream. Facilities taking a hybrid approach will require equipment for both lecture capture and live streaming needs.

Distance Learning Categories

Auditorium, Cafeteria and Gym

Conference Room

Learn and Work From Home

Medium Classroom

Portable Video Conferencing

Small Classroom

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