Novisign NoviTizer Sanitizer Kiosk

What is Hand Sanitizer Digital Signage?

Have you seen those free standing hand sanitizer dispensers or hand sanitizer kiosks in malls, grocery stores, medical facilities and other high traffic public locations? On top of the sanitizer are printed static signs that feature advertisements or information about a company or organization that is sponsoring or paying to display their advertisement. Hand sanitizer dispenser signage systems are useful because the passing by traffic is drawn to the hand sanitizer due to the free offering. While getting the free hand sanitizer, the audience stops and views the digital signage. This form of visual communications is a unique and eye-catching form of getting messages seen. From being used for as a form of improving customer or patients to set up advertising networks hand sanitizer kiosks are one of today’s fastest growing forms of communicating.
See the NoviSign NoviTizer Automatic Hand Sanitizer Kiosk in Action
The NoviTizer is another pandemic measure device for marketing and information solutions. This device raise awareness to reinforce health and safety for prevention measures to virus outbreaks. On the screen, you can display public service graphics - images and motion media - video files for digital signage devices and for DOOH networks. FIGHT GERMS THE SMART WAY! Use the power of Digital Signage to spread awareness and kill germs, using our automatic (no-need-to-touch) hand-sanitizer. The digital content is easily manageable through our online cloud-based digital signage Studio.
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