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HI-Pinnacle Power Drive

Howard’s new Power Drive System for Pinnacle carts is an electrically powered drive system that assists the user in moving the cart. The user simply pulls a lever, and the cart propels itself at the desired speed as the user steers. This significantly reduces the physical effort required to maneuver the cart. resulting in less fatigue and muscular stress.

The easy-to-use control interface replaces the cart handle and a retractable powered drive-wheel is installed under the cart near the center of the base. Deploying and retracting the wheel allows the Power Drive System to either be engaged for assisted traveling or retracted for more effective maneuverability in tight spaces.

The Power Drive System is compatible with the HI-Pinnacle 15 and 45 models, and existing Pinnacle carts can be retrofitted with Power Drive.

Easy to Use

Step One

Activate the Power Drive System by pressing the pedal on the front of the cart to engage the drive wheel.

Step Two

Insert and turn the key in the Power Drive module to power on the system. Then select the desired direction and speed using the control interface.

Step Three

When ready to move pull either of the levers to go in the selected direction. Adjust the speed as needed using the knob while moving. The quick stop button can be used for sudden or immediate stops.


Separate Battery System

The Power Drive System runs on separate batteries, and therefore will not decrease run time for powering computers, monitors, etc. This separate power system and motor controller are located directly under the user interface.

One Power Cord

The Power Drive System and the cart's power system, although separate, charge using a single power cord.

Adjustable Speed

The Power Drive System’s variable speed adjustment allows the cart to match different walking strides in forward or reverse. A quick stop button allows for immediate or sudden stops.

Eases Burden on Staff

The Power Drive System requires less energy for pushing the cart, leaving more energy for patient care.

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