QSR Solutions

QSR Solutions

Restaurants everywhere are starting to realize the true value of kiosks and the value they hold for customer service. With an offering of several standalone and tabletop kiosk models, Howard is paving its way in the QSR industry with a competitive offer for clients. Howard QSR solutions will help your business grow and provide the ultimate customer experience while lowering cost of operation, increase your profits and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Basic Features

  • Touchscreen
  • HD Display
  • Customizable Software Package
  • Easy-to-follow On-screen Graphics
  • Target Messaging
  • Unlimited Designs Available


  • Increase Order Size
  • Consistently Up-sell
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Prevent Loss of Revenue
  • Ultimate Consumer Experience
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Reduce Theft

QSR Features

  • Increase Order Size—When customers don't feel pressured while ordering, they will most likely add to their normal order and try new or limited items.
  • Consistently Up-sell—Easy technology is fun to use. With ease of ordering, customers will continue to order your products.
  • Labor Efficiency—When operations such as orders and payments are handled, staff is enabled to focus on the actual delivery of food and serving customers.
  • Prevent Loss of Revenue—Our kiosks are beneficial and successful when it comes to securely handling cash and electronic payments.
  • Fast Turnaround—Allowing customers to order and pay on demand leads to reduced wait times.
  • Ultimate Customer Experience—Order accuracy, providing entertainment, and reducing wait time all plays a part in enhancing the customer's experience.
  • Reduce Theft—When small tasks are taken care of, security from cameras and staff can monitor and reduce the risk of theft.

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