Input / Output Panel image

Input / Output Panel

The RTK 22 has a dedicated input / output panel for peripheral connection. Easily attach a multi-purpose exam camera with swappable lenses, stethoscope, electrocardiogram, pulse oximeter, and more. The I/O panel also includes audio in and out connections as well as a RJ45 Ethernet port.

Power Supply image

Power Supply

The RTK 22 has its power supplied via an integrated battery with a battery status indicator. The RTK19 is powered by the internal battery of the tablet. These options allow you to provide telehealth services from virtually any location.

Rugged Keyboard image

Rugged Keyboard

All of our rugged kits come with a sealed keyboard which is resistant to dirt, dust, water, ice and corrosives and easy to clean with disinfectants, allowing telehealth services to be performed regardless of location.

Custom Foam Inserts image

Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam insert to protect multiple peripheral devices. Keeps your diagnostic equipment safe and secure inside the protection afforded by the IP67 protective case.

Configurable for Multiple Medical Specialties

Behavioral Health image

Behavioral Health

Cardiology image


Dermatology image


OB-GYN image


Oncology image


Pediatrics image


Pulmonology image


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