Telemedicine Kiosk Solutions

Telemedicine Kiosk Solutions

Where better than school to reach out to children and teens who need healthcare and, perhaps, treatment for mental and emotional disorders? Teachers are not trained psychiatrists, but they do spend a lot of time with their students and can recognize behavioral problems which may be rooted in mental and emotional issues. So in addition to providing a safe environment for their students, teachers can help students connect with healthcare professionals who are experienced in treating both medical and psychiatric conditions. The key is access. Telehealth is the solution. Ask your Howard representative what we can do for your school.
• Howard Standard Self-Sevice Kiosk Base
• Storage Drawer
• External Ethernet and USB Ports
• 3.5mm Headphone Jack
• Tablet Computer (A1 Tabletop Model)
• Touch Screen with uSFF PC (W2 Standing Model)
• Integrated Speaker and Mic
• Supports on-site school nurses or works as a virtual clinic
Assists with chronic and non-emergent student health problems
Facilitates early identification and treatment of mental disorders
Addresses and helps to decrease behavioral problems
Reduces school absenteeism
Improves academic performance and problem-solving skills
Improves physical and psychological safety
Improves student morale and engagement
Howard Technology Supplies Telehealth Resources for Public School Students Suffering the After-Effects of Hurricane Michael
Howard Technology Solutions, a leading manufacturer of premium kiosks, medical carts, and telehealth solutions, based in Ellisville, MS, recently installed 63 Telehealth Kiosks in Florida Panhandle Schools still suffering the after-effects of Hurricane Michael.

Telemedicine Kiosks

Optional Accessories

Dental Camera
Multi-Lens Scope
PTZ Camera
Real-Time Ultrasound
Spot VSM
USB Stethoscope
Vital Signs Monitor

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