What is Teleportivity?

We use video to collaborate. Now, let’s use it to deploy. Navigate today’s rapidly changing environment to fulfill jobs by staff remotely. Teleportivity provides an effective answer to your Business Continuity Plan, allowing any organization to scale human staff across physical sites remotely, using the latest in video and information deployment technology. For you and your users, Teleportivity is a part of your business continuity solution and the answer to all your remote support needs. It’s also a distributable solution for end users as they navigate today’s rapidly changing business environment that will develop into our new normal going forward.

Teleportivity is designed for every type of support:
• Person to person concierge support, perfect for a front desk or greeting point
• Remote customer assistance and system troubleshooting
• Unmanned, self guided support wherever information or help is needed.

Teleportivity Welcome Space™
Teleportivity’s cloud based video help-desk system for fixed touch screen kiosks allow you to also offer a whole new, entirely controllable dimension to consistently high-traffic areas. Student orientation day? Our fixed digital touch screens can help support and assist students in an orderly fashion. Teleportivity lets you scale, push and pull your very best staff where they’re required; control high traffic locations; and provide a constant, seamless user experience.

• Perfect for when staffing is light or when direct, person-to-person support is not available.
• Teleportivity lets you scale and deploy staff where required, from across the building or across the globe utilizing interactive video deployment.
• Expertly handle high traffic locations while maintaining a constant, seamless user experience.
Teleportivity Support Space™
Teleportivity’s patented ‘print-and-place’ solution allows you to create and deploy thousands of unique QR/NFC/Web Links that can be placed in any space or on any object. When scanned through a mobile device (with no app needed), each code directs customers to its own highly bespoke website, customized to reflect any branding, and made just for the situation. Place one in a boardroom, and your users can get customized session materials and specific tech support. Place one on a portable screen, and your technician can access installation information customized to that single geographic site. We’re making every space, place and object a portal to a world of help. From live remote help sessions to surveys to tutorial videos, we’ve got every base covered.

• Transform meeting rooms and huddle spaces into ultra-connected portals to provide help, information, and assistance. Information can be fully customized for any space.
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