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Howard Wayfinding model kiosks incorporate a user-friendly platform to help students and visitors find their way across campus. This alleviates school staff of way-finding duties in favor of other tasks, increasing efficiency. Wayfinding kiosks can also be configured to disseminate important information, issue missing person alerts, promote websites and advertise upcoming events.
• Portrait Screen Layout
• Wi-Fi Hotspot
• Camera
• Informational Messaging
• Branding Options (logo, colors, etc.)
• Date/Time
• Simplifies directing users and customers
• Enhances overall visit experience
• Show multiple path views
• 24/7 assistance
• Promotes website, specials, and services
• Digital Signage Features
• Offers Creative Services
• Web Portal Updating
• Kiosk Status Monitoring
• Usage Statistics
• Cloud Option
• On-Premise Option
Interactive Wayfinding Solutions
Howard is proud to partner with 22Miles and feature Waytouch Premier™ in our Wayfinding Kiosks. It is a tried and tested, all-inclusive, Award-Winning interactive wayfinding solution.
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Wayfinding Features

  • Wayfinding Designer—Allows the end client to design their own wayfinder with no coding experience required.
  • Directory List with Search—End users can find their desired location by searching for it.
  • Written Directions—In addition to a line path, provide text turn-by-turn directions from location A to B.
  • Database Fed Directories—Databases allow for directories to be easily updated. For example, if Julie moved from the first floor to the second floor, an update could be made by searching the database for Julie and updating her information.
  • Scheduled Pathing—The paths displayed for a destination can be scheduled to change at a specific time. For example, in a hospital you could have pathing to patient rooms available only during visiting hours.
  • Intricate Pathing Views—Views that are more than just bird's eye.
  • Mobile Takeaway Wayfinding—Via SMS, QR or email, end-users can 'take away' kiosk generated directions by sending them to their phones.
  • Mobile Web Wayfinding—End users can open an interactive web version of the wayfinder on their phone with no installation required.
  • Mobile Native Wayfinder—Give the user the "blue-dot" experience, updating the user's location as they move through the facility like a GPS.
  • Beacon Support—Used with Native Mobile Wayfinding to update the user's location as they move through a location, as well as deliver location-based advertisements.
  • Cisco MSE (CMX)—Like beacon technology, but uses Cisco routers and access points in determining the location of an end-user using a mobile wayfinding experience.

Wayfinding Kiosks

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