HowGreen Program Overview

HowGreen is more than a pledge to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment—it's our plan! From the development of environmentally responsible waste management solutions, including recycling, to earth-friendly recovery strategies, we're investing in the future of our planet!

The wood-based fiber packaging used to ship Howard HowGreen Systems contains 49.82% recycled content by total weight of wood based fiber packaging used.


Most electronics, including desktop PCs and laptops, are built with parts that contain materials that should not be disposed of via municipal waste, such and batteries, printed circuit boards, power supplies, and internal & external cables & cords. (Please see EU Directive 2019/19/EU and WEEE for more details. For information on how to identify and locate these materials that require selective treatment for recycling in Howard products, click here.)  We recommend that customers do not discard any PC components or parts in municipal waste.  Please contact us for free support regarding proper disassembly and disposal of Howard products.

Howard offers and has offered a variety of laptop models. All models have batteries that can be replaced.  Information on how to obtain and replace the battery is available, irrespective of whether the product is out of warranty.  Many models have externally accessible and user-replaceable batteries. However, some models have internal batteries that require disassembly to access. Internal batteries may require a qualified technician to replace. If your Howard laptop has a externally accessible battery and you need a replacement, please contact your salesperson or call 1-888-912-3151 for assistance in obtaining a replacement. If your Howard laptop has an internal battery that requires disassembly to access, please contact technical support or call 1-888-912-3151 for assistance and more detailed information.

If you have batteries to recycle from Howard systems, please contact your salesperson or call 1-888-912-3151 regarding the HowGreen Takeback Recycling Program (details below). Through the HowGreen Takeback Recycling Program, our team will work with you and our partner Sims Recycling to help schedule a pickup or help you safely ship your batteries (shipping safety regulations for batteries must be observed) to one of Sims’ nationwide facilities. There is no fee for recycling, just pay for shipping if applicable. For details on how to remove batteries from your Howard systems, please refer to the documentation that shipped with your system or visit our support page for downloads and contact information for assistance. For battery recycling for non-Howard products, Howard recommends contacting the original manufacturer or visiting for more battery recycling resources.

To help you properly dispose of full PC devices, Howard can also takeback and recycle Howard systems that have reached their end of life. (Details Below)

HowGreen Takeback Recycling Program

Howard Technology Solutions has developed a product Take-back/Recycling program for desktop computers, notebook computers, and servers manufactured by Howard.

We have partnered with Sims Recycling Solutions, an R2 certified recycler located in Franklin Park, IL, to provide nationwide disposal and recycling services for equipment recovered in our Take-back/Recycling program, and will provide a Certificate of Disposal for the equipment disposed/recycled. There are no fees for recycling, and customers only pay for shipping costs if applicable. We also provide disk storage cleaning that meets the Department of Defense disk storage cleaning specifications.

The Howard Take-back/Recycling program is compliant with all federal, state and local laws governing the disposal and/or recycling of computer-based equipment. When applicable, Howard Technology Solutions provides gently used, but functional equipment to schools and other non-profit organizations for educational use.

Please review the following steps:
  1. Delete all data from your storage drives
  2. Locate and record your 10-digit Howard Serial Number (######-####).
  3. Package your equipment (Howard does not provide packing materials)
  4. Contact your Howard salesperson or Howard technical support to discuss shipment/pickup options based on your location.

For more information or to schedule a pickup, please contact your salesperson or call 1-888-912-3151.

Howard Technology Solutions Conflict Minerals Disclosure

Howard Technology Solutions discloses its Conflict Minerals document on an annual basis. The PDF version of this document can be downloaded here.

80 Plus

We've implemented the 80 Plus program to ensure that power supplies for our desktops, notebooks, and servers have a maximum energy efficiency rating of 80% or greater. In terms of computers, this can mean a savings of about 85 kilowatt-hours per unit per year. But the benefits don't stop there! Efficient power usage generates less heat, improving system reliability and reducing maintenance costs, which can greatly extend the life of your system. 

Energy Star

The goal of the Energy Star program is to generate awareness of energy-saving capabilities, differentiate the market for more energy-efficient computers, and promote more energy-efficient technologies. So look for the Energy Star label. Only the most energy-efficient computing products will qualify for this designation.


EPEAT is a system to help purchasers evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks, and monitors based on their environmental attributes.By means of a clear and consistent set of performance criteria for product design, EPEAT provides an opportunity for manufacturers like us to secure market recognition for our efforts in reducing the environmental impact of our products.
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HowGreen is more than a pledge to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment— it's our plan! From the development of environmentally responsible waste management solutions including recycling to earth-friendly recovery strategies, we're investing in the future of our planet!
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