HI-CARE X 4-Tier - medical cart - EMR cart – Onboard PC with LCD touchscreen - Onboard Wi-Fi - fan cooled PC compartment - steering assist technology - integral AC power distribution - Call home feature - Slide-out keyboard tray


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HI-CARE X 4-Tier Cart





HI-CARE X 4-Tier - medical cart - on-board dedicated computer with 7-in high resolution color LCD touchscreen and wifi - EMR cart - LCD monitor mount - fan cooled PC compartment - steering assist technology - integral AC power distribution - lockable - 4 tiers of configurable storage by row

    Standard Features:

  • On board dedicated computer with 7”, high resolution, color touchscreen LCD and wifi
  • Standard with Steering Assist Technology. (SAT) is an innovative feature facilitating the smooth, effortless steering of Howard Medical carts. When SAT is engaged, the rear casters are allowed to act as pivot points easing and stabilizing the navigation around corners and other changes in direction
  • 7” high resolution color touchscreen central control panel for:
    • storage access
    • power system controls
    • battery fuel gauge with visual and audible alerts
    • cart height adjustment
    • monitor height adjustment
    • on-demand steer assist technology
    • cart lights
  • Premium lighting package featuring: a brightness-adjustable LED worksurface lamp, LED keyboard light, path light, and med drawer light
  • Fully compatible with thin clients and zero clients
  • Onboard dedicated computer with color LCD touchscreen
  • Visual indication of narc lock status on cart
  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • Supports user presets for auto adjustments to preferred worksurface and monitor heights
  • Asset location assistance
  • Local management
  • Call home feature
  • Med Manager admins or users can broadcast messages to the cart
  • On-screen cart DNA information
  • Energy saving mode
  • VESA monitor mount has tilt, swivel, and rotation adjustments
  • Flexible storage configurations with add on capability can be customized to fit multiple workflows
  • Universal accessory mounting locations on rear of cart and on monitor mount (choose from 12+ optional accessories)
  • 270° wrap-around handle on sides and rear
  • Large, raised-edge worksurface area (17”W x 14.3”D) with translucent protective cover
  • Medical grade (all touch surfaces)
  • Dedicated cable management area with easy access panels to manage and house excess cables
  • Integral AC power distribution with 6 AC receptacles for powering customer equipment
  • Large, fan cooled, PC compartment (17.1”W x 12.5”D x 3.2”H)
  • Includes 4-port USB Hub
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • The easy-swap cassettes allow the HI-Care cassettes to be easily swapped between the cart to a Transfer cart
  • 8ft coiled power cord with hospital-grade AC plug with dual integrated hooks and integrated pull loop (Hospital Grade)
  • (4) 5” dual wheel premium casters (2 locking casters on front)
  • Tool-less battery cover (snap-on) and tool-less battery and power supply replacement
  • Standard power module (smart charger) with intake filter
  • Available with multiple power options that you can choose from to best fit your workflow, including Howard Powermax 150 and the hotswappable Scott Clark power system
  • Remote cart monitoring and management software are independent—do not require a parent computer
  • Advanced electronics are standard on the HI-Care X with features such as: drawer sensing, automatic drawer lighting, and drawer ajar alarm
  • Mouse surface and mouse holder (left or right)
  • Cart and cart accessories ship fully assembled in one box for convenience
  • Meets UL and CE standards

    Ergonomic Features:

  • A short distance between the worksurface, keyboard tray, and patient bins reduces unnecessary arm movements and bending
  • Ergonomic adjustable push handles with soft-touch grip on front of cart are available
  • Rubberized foot rests on each side of the cart allow for a more relaxed stance and relieves fatigue
  • Slide-out keyboard tray with integrated wrist rest (max keyboard dimensions 18.2” W x 7.5” D x 1.6” H)
  • Keyboard is auto-leveling with a -15 degree negative-tilt and a positive-tilt up to 6 degrees
  • Open architecture at wheel base allows end user to maintain their normal walking stride
  • One-touch worksurface height adjustment allows for a full sit/stand range of motion
  • The HI-Care carts have a centralized control panel that enables the user to easily access all of the cart features by having them located in one central location
  • Available with on-demand steer assist technology (SAT)
  • When SAT is engaged, the rear casters act as pivot points, easing and stabilizing the navigation, and effortlessly allows the end user to navigate around corners, doorways, and other changes in direction

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HI-CARE_X_4-Tier Howard Medical HI-CARE X 4-Tier Cart HI-CARE X 4-Tier - medical cart - EMR cart – Onboard PC with LCD touchscreen - Onboard Wi-Fi - fan cooled PC compartment - steering assist technology - integral AC power distribution - Call home feature - Slide-out keyboard tray new
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