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Electronic HP Care Pack Return to Depot - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - carry-in - 9x5 - for HP 24, 27; Desktop M01; Pavilion 59X, TP01; Pavilion Gaming 690; Slim S01; Slimline 290



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HP Hardware Support Offsite Return Service offers high-quality return-to-HP service levels with remote telephone support and offsite repair for eligible products at an HP designated repair center. The service includes offsite repair or replacement, materials and parts, labor, and the cost of the return shipment. HP offers service levels with flexible shipment options to the HP designated repair center. Some service levels are also available with optional service features such as accidental damage protection or defective media retention.

Electronic HP Care Pack Return to Depot - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - carry-in - 9x5 - for HP 24, 27; Desktop M01; Pavilion 59X, TP01; Pavilion Gaming 690; Slim S01; Slimline 290
Service Included:
  • Parts and labor
  • Carry-in
Full Contract Period:
  • 3 years
Service Availability:
  • 9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Service & Support:
  • Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 1 year - carry-in - availability: 9 hours a day (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) / Monday-Friday
  • Technical support - phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • HP 20-c020, 20-c410a, 20-c424, 20-c434, 22-3016, 22-c0010, 22-c0012ds, 22-c0016, 22-c0023w, 22-c0030, 22-c0036, 22-c0053w, 22-c0063w, 22-c0073w, 22-c0083w, 22-c0226, 24-dd0006, 24-df0014, 24-dp0014, 24-e027c, 24-e052cy, 24-f0010, 24-f0017c, 24-f0020, 24-f0024, 24-f0030, 24-f0032cy, 24-f0034, 24-f0036a, 24-f0040, 24-f0040a, 24-f0046, 24-f0047c, 24-f0060, 24-f0065a, 24-f0066, 24-f0066a, 24-f0137c, 24-f0157a, 24-f1040, 24-f1060, 24-g049c, 251-a09w, 27-dp0006, 27-dp0160, 27-dp0170, 27-dp0180, 460-p214, 460-p274
  • HP Desktop M01-F0014, M01-F0016, M01-F0020, M01-F0024
  • HP Pavilion 23-g045ef, 24-r019, 24-r025m, 24-r035xt, 24-r040a, 24-r041a, 24-r058a, 24-r069a, 24-r114, 24-r124, 24-r159a, 24-x011, 24-x012ds, 24-x015z, 24-x016, 24-x026, 24-xa0020, 24-xa0021, 24-xa0024, 24-xa0036, 24-xa0040, 24-xa0053w, 24-xa0076, 24-xa1003a, 24-xa1014, 27-a112, 27-r015z, 27-r025xt, 27-r055se, 27-r076a, 27-r077a, 27-r114, 27-xa0011, 27-xa0013w, 27-xa0014, 27-xa0050, 27-xa0077a, 27-xa0080, 510-a113a, 570-a118, 570-a135m, 570-a157c, 570-p009, 570-p013wb, 570-p023w, 570-p026, 570-p027c, 570-p033w, 570-p049, 570-p057cb, 570-p064, 570-p077cb, 590-a0010, 590-p0016, 590-p0020, 590-p0024, 590-p0027c, 590-p0030, 590-p0032, 590-p0040, 590-p0041cb, 590-p0044, 590-p0054, 590-p0060, 590-p0063a, 590-p0066, 590-p0067cb, 590-p0070, 590-p0076, 590-p0080, 590-p0086, 590-p0097cb, 590-p0117cb, 590-p0127cb, 595-p0074, TP01-0014, TP01-0028nb, TP01-0030, TP01-0034, TP01-0040, TP01-0050, TP01-0066, TP01-0070, TP01-1016, TP01-1026, TP01-1036, TP01-1056
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 690-0010, 690-0011a, 690-0013w, 690-0024, 690-0034, 690-0073w, 690-0084, 790-0010, 790-0031, TG01-0020, TG01-0030
  • HP Pavilion Power 580-015xt, 580-023w, 580-074a, 580-125rz, 580-131, 580-140a
  • HP Slim S01-pF1016, S01-pF1036
  • HP Slimline 260-a059w, 260-a129, 270-a035z, 290-a0011, 290-a0020, 290-a0030, 290-a0036, 290-a0046, 290-a0047cb, 290-p0014, 290-p0027cb, 290-p0043w, 290-p0046, 290-p0056
  • Your choice of shipment options
    Send your hardware to the HP designated repair center, deliver it in person or arrange for pickup-choose the service with the shipment option that works best for you.
  • Reliable offsite repair
    Enjoy expertise and experienced offsite service for quick and affordable repairs on the technology you use to run your business.
  • Support you can count on
    Know that your hardware will be good as new as soon as possible thanks to our knowledgeable expertise and efficient service and support.

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