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APC Basic Rack-Mount PDU - Power distribution strip (rack-mountable) - AC 120 V - 1.8 kW - input: NEMA 5-15 - output connectors: 10 (NEMA 5-15) - 1U - 19" - 12 ft cord - black - for P/N: SMX1000C, SMX1500RM2UC, SMX1500RM2UCNC, SMX750C, SMX750CNC, SRTL3KRM1UC

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APC offers a wide variety of Basic Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), which allow users to distribute power outlets to rack-mount equipment. Horizontal and vertical units are available as well as a variety of power inputs and outputs to fit most power environments. Basic Rack PDUs are InfraStruXure Certified and mount vertically, without tools in the rear channel of a NetShelter VX.
APC Basic Rack-Mount PDU - Power distribution strip (rack-mountable) - AC 120 V - 1.8 kW - input: NEMA 5-15 - output connectors: 10 (NEMA 5-15) - 1U - 19" - 12 ft cord - black - for P/N: SMX1000C, SMX1500RM2UC, SMX1500RM2UCNC, SMX750C, SMX750CNC, SRTL3KRM1UC
Device Type:
  • Power distribution strip - rack-mountable
Height (Rack Units):
  • 1U
Rack Size:
  • 19"
Cord Length:
  • 12 ft
  • Black
Power Device
Input Voltage:
  • AC 120 V
Input Voltage Range:
  • AC 100 - 120 V
Input Connectors:
  • 1 x power NEMA 5-15
Power Output Connectors Details:
  • 10 x power NEMA 5-15
Output Voltage:
  • AC 120 V
Max Electric Current:
  • 15 A
Power Capacity:
  • 1.8 kW
Circuit Protection:
  • Circuit breaker
Cables Included:
  • Power cable - integrated - 12 ft
Rack Mounting Kit:
  • Included
Compliant Standards:
  • UL, cUL, UL 1363
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - parts and labor - 2 years
  • Limited warranty - replacement - 2 years
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature:
  • 23 °F
Max Operating Temperature:
  • 113 °F
Min Storage Temperature:
  • -13 °F
Max Storage Temperature:
  • 149 °F
Humidity Range Operating:
  • 0 - 95%
Humidity Range Storage:
  • 0 - 95%
Dimensions & Weight
  • 17.6 in
  • 2.2 in
  • 1.8 in
  • 5.51 lbs
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • P/N: AR106, AR106SH4, AR106SH6, AR106V, AR106VI, AR109SH4, AR109SH6, AR112, AR112SH4, AR112SH6, AR2200, AR2487G, AR3003, AR3003SP, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3100W, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3105SP, AR3105W, AR3106, AR3106SP, AR3107SP, AR3140G, AR3140W, AR3150SP, AR3150W, AR3155SP, AR3155W, AR3157SP, AR3300SP, AR3300W, AR3305SP, AR3305W, AR3307SP, AR3340G, AR3340W, AR3350SP, AR3350W, AR3355SP, AR3355W, AR3357SP, AR3357X674, AR4018IX429, AR4018SP, AR4018SPX429, AR4018SPX431, AR4018SPX432, AR4018X429, AR4024IX431, AR4024SP, AR4024SPX429, AR4024SPX431, AR4024SPX432, AR4038IX432, AR8213, AR9300SP, AR9300SP-R, AR9307SP, AR9307SP-R, NBPD0160A, NBWL0355A, NBWL0356A, SCL400RMJ1U, SCL500RM1UC, SCL500RM1UNC, SCL500RMI1UC, SCL500RMI1UNC, SMC1000-2UC, SMC1000-2UTW, SMC1000-BR, SMC1000C, SMC1000I-2UC, SMC1000I-BR, SMC1000IC, SMC1000TW, SMC15002U-BR, SMC1500-2UC, SMC1500-2UTW, SMC1500-BR, SMC1500C, SMC1500I2U-BR, SMC1500I-2UC, SMC1500I-BR, SMC1500IC, SMC1500TW, SMC2000I-2U, SMC3000RMI2U, SMT1000C, SMT1000JOS6, SMT1000RM2UC, SMT1500C, SMT1500NC, SMT1500RM2UC, SMT1500RM2UNC, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT2200RM2UTW, SMT30002U-BR, SMT3000I2U-BR, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000RM2UNC, SMT750C, SMT750JOS6, SMT750RM2UC, SMT750RM2UNC, SMT750TW, SMTL1000RM2UC, SMTL1000RMI2UC, SMTL750RM2UC, SMTL750RMI2UC, SMX1000C, SMX1000US, SMX1500RM2UC, SMX1500RM2UCNC, SMX1500RMNCUS, SMX1500RMUS, SMX2000LVNCUS, SMX2000LVUS, SMX2200HVNC, SMX2200R2HVNC, SMX2200RMLVUS, SMX2KR2UNCX145, SMX2KRMLVNCUS, SMX3000HV-BR, SMX3000HVTUS, SMX3000LV2U-BR, SMX3000LVNCUS, SMX3000LVUS, SMX3000RMLVUS, SMX3KRMLVNCUS, SMX750C, SMX750CNC, SMX750NC, SMX750US, SRT1000RMXLA, SRT1000RMXLA-NC, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT10RMXLIX806, SRT1500RMXLA, SRT1500RMXLA-NC, SRT5KRMXLT, SRT5KRMXLT-IEC, SRT5KRMXLTUS, SRT5KRMXLW-HW, SRT5KRMXLW-TW, SRT6KRMXLT, SRT6KRMXLT-IEC, SRT8KRMXLT, SRT8KRMXLT-IEC, SRTL3KRM1UC, SUA1000RM2UTW, SUA2200RM2UTW, SUA2200TW, SURT5000XLIX438, SURTA2200RMXL2U-NC, SURTA3000RMXL3U-NC, SYAF16KRMICH
S1579312 APC AP9562 731304203865 APC Basic Rack-Mount PDU new
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