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Panasonic ET-YFB200G - Video/audio/network switch - 2 x Digital Link - desktop, rack-mountable - for PT-FRQ50, FRQ60, FRZ50, FRZ60, MZ680, RCQ10, RZ690, RZ790, RZ990, VMZ51, VMZ61, VMZ71 (Voltage: AC 120/230 V)

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The ET-YFB200G features two DIGITAL LINK outputs, allowing simultaneous delivery of media and control signals to dual projectors, two displays, or one projector and one display. It is ideal for use in auditoriums, lecture theaters, and seminar rooms using primary and sub displays, as well as for dual-unit projection in large venues such as places of worship, outdoor and indoor entertainment events, etc.
Panasonic ET-YFB200G - Video/audio/network switch - 2 x Digital Link - desktop, rack-mountable - for PT-FRQ50, FRQ60, FRZ50, FRZ60, MZ680, RCQ10, RZ690, RZ790, RZ990, VMZ51, VMZ61, VMZ71 (Voltage: AC 120/230 V)
Device Type:
  • Video/audio/network switch - 2 ports
Enclosure Type:
  • Desktop, rack-mountable
  • Component video / composite video / VGA / audio / Ehternet / HDMI / DVI / Digital Link
  • 2 x Digital Link
  • HDCP compliant, HDBaseT technology, PJLink compatible
Expansion / Connectivity
  • 1 x component video / RGB input HD-15
  • 1 x VGA input HD-15
  • 1 x composite video input RCA
  • 3 x audio input mini-jack
  • 2 x Digital Link output RJ-45
  • 1 x DVI-D output
  • 1 x serial (RS-232C) 3 pin terminal block
  • 1 x remote control DB-9
  • 1 x 100Base-TX RJ-45
  • 2 x HDMI input
Power Device:
  • External power adapter
Voltage Required:
  • AC 120/230 V
Included Accessories:
  • Removable terminal block, 2 rack mount brackets
Dimensions & Weight
  • 8.3 in
  • 9.8 in
  • 1.7 in
  • 2.87 lbs
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature:
  • 32 °F
Max Operating Temperature:
  • 104 °F
Humidity Range Operating:
  • 20 - 80% (non-condensing)
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • Panasonic PT-FRQ50BEJ, FRQ50BU7, FRQ50WEJ, FRQ50WU7, FRQ60BEJ, FRQ60WEJ, FRZ50BE, FRZ50BEJ, FRZ50BU, FRZ50BU7, FRZ50WE, FRZ50WEJ, FRZ50WU7, FRZ55BEJ, FRZ55E, FRZ60BE, FRZ60BEJ, FRZ60BU7, FRZ60WE, FRZ60WEJ, FRZ60WU7, MW630LU7, MZ10KLBEJ, MZ10KLBU, MZ10KLBU7, MZ10KLWEJ, MZ10KLWU, MZ10KLWU7, MZ13KLBEJ, MZ13KLBU, MZ13KLWEJ, MZ13KLWU, MZ13KLWU7, MZ16KLBU7, MZ16KLWU, MZ16KLWU7, MZ570U7, MZ680BE, MZ680BEJ, MZ680BU, MZ680BU7, MZ680WE, MZ680WEJ, MZ680WU, MZ680WU7, MZ770, MZ770E, MZ770EJ, MZ770J, MZ770L, MZ770LBE, MZ770LBEJ, MZ770LBU, MZ770LBU7, MZ770LE, MZ770LEJ, MZ770LU, MZ770LU7, MZ770U, MZ780BE, MZ780BEJ, MZ780BU7, MZ780U, MZ780WE, MZ780WEJ, MZ780WU, MZ780WU7, MZ880BE, MZ880BEJ, MZ880BU, MZ880BU7, MZ880WE, MZ880WEJ, MZ880WU, MZ880WU7, RCQ10BEJ, RCQ10LBU, RCQ10LWU, RCQ10W, RCQ10WEJ, RCQ10WU7, RCQ80BEJ, RCQ80BU, RCQ80LBU, RCQ80WEJ, RCQ80WU, RQ35KU, RQ50KU, RZ120BE, RZ120BEJ, RZ120BU, RZ120BU7, RZ120LBE, RZ120LBEJ, RZ120LBU, RZ120LWE, RZ120LWEJ, RZ120LWU, RZ120LWU7, RZ120WE, RZ120WEJ, RZ120WU, RZ120WU7, RZ34KEJ, RZ34KU, RZ690BE, RZ690BEJ, RZ690BU7, RZ690LBU, RZ690LWU, RZ690LWU7, RZ690WE, RZ690WEJ, RZ770LWU7, RZ790BE, RZ790BEJ, RZ790BU, RZ790LBU, RZ790LBU7, RZ790LWU7, RZ790WE, RZ790WEJ, RZ790WU, RZ790WU7, RZ870BE, RZ870BEJ, RZ870BU, RZ870BU7, RZ870LBE, RZ870LBEJ, RZ870LBU, RZ870LWE, RZ870LWEJ, RZ870LWU, RZ870LWU7, RZ870WE, RZ870WEJ, RZ870WU, RZ890BE, RZ890BEJ, RZ890LBU7, RZ890WE, RZ890WEJ, RZ970LBU7, RZ990BE, RZ990BEJ, RZ990BU, RZ990BU7, RZ990LBU, RZ990LBU7, RZ990LWU, RZ990LWU7, RZ990WE, RZ990WEJ, RZ990WU, RZ990WU7, VMZ50, VMZ51EJ, VMZ51SEJ, VMZ60BU, VMZ60EJ, VMZ60U, VMZ61, VMZ61BEJ, VMZ61BU7, VMZ61EJ, VMZ61U7, VMZ71BEJ, VMZ71BU7, VMZ71EJ, VMZ71U, VMZ71U7
S15999660 Panasonic ET-YFB200G 885170234819 Panasonic ET-YFB200G (Voltage: AC 120/230 V) new
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