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HP Z3700 - Mouse - optical - wireless - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver - purple - for OMEN by HP 15, 17; HP 15, 17, 22, 24; Pavilion 59X; Pavilion Gaming 15, 690, 790



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It's time your accessories matched your individuality. Meet your new wireless mouse, carefully crafted to bring its unique slim style to your work. It's functional. It's portable. It's fashionable. It's yours.

HP Z3700 - Mouse - optical - wireless - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver - purple - for OMEN by HP 15, 17; HP 15, 17, 22, 24; Pavilion 59X; Pavilion Gaming 15, 690, 790
Device Type:
  • Mouse
Wireless Receiver:
  • USB wireless receiver
  • 2.4 in
  • 4 in
  • 1 in
  • 5.29 oz
  • Purple
  • English / Canada
Input Device
Connectivity Technology:
  • Wireless
  • 2.4 GHz
Max Operating Distance:
  • Up to 33 ft
Movement Detection Technology:
  • Optical
Movement Resolution:
  • 1200 dpi
  • Blue LED technology
  • AA type
Run Time (Up To):
  • 16 months
Software / System Requirements
OS Required:
  • Apple MacOS X 10.3 or later, Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - 2 years
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • OMEN by HP 15-dc0043np, 15-dc0997nf, 17-an101nx, 17-an198nx, 17-an199nf
  • HP 14-bp151sa, 14-ck0083no, 15-ba048nf, 15-bs157nc, 15-da0029nf, 15-da0048nr, 15-da0255ns, 15-da0257ns, 15-da0258ns, 15-da0261ns, 15-da0598na, 15-da0786ns, 15-db0045nl, 15-db0046nl, 15-db0059ns, 15-db0072nf, 15-db0074ns, 15-db0085ns, 15-db0090ns, 15-db0091wm, 15-db0092wm, 15-db0105ca, 15-db0109ns, 15-db0111ns, 15-db0118nf, 15-db0208nb, 15-db0210nb, 15-db0229nb, 15-db0231nb, 15-db0601nc, 17-by0033nf, 17-by0046nr, 17-by0073nf, 17-by0085nf, 17-by0110ng, 17-by0114ng, 17-by0545ng, 17-by0632ng, 17-ca0010na, 17-ca0031nb, 17-ca0048nf, 17-ca0063nf, 17-ca0068no, 17-ca0139nb, 17-ca0217ng, 17-ca0314ng, 20-c404ns, 22-c0036nl, 22-c0039nl, 22-c0041ns, 22-c0044ns, 22-c0068nf, 22-c0094nf, 22-c0102nf, 22-c0103nf, 22-c0105nf, 22-c0106nf, 22-c0125, 22-c0226, 24-f0002ne, 24-f0018, 24-f0024no, 24-f0027ng, 24-f0028cy, 24-f0028ng, 24-f0037nl, 24-f0048cy, 24-f0050nl, 24-f0056nl, 24-f0058ns, 24-f0060nl, 24-f0066a, 24-f0066nl, 24-f0067nl, 24-f0069nl, 24-f0072ns, 24-f0086ns, 24-f0091ns, 24-f0100nf, 24-f0131nf, 24-f0145nf, 24-f0159nb, 24-f0252ng, 24-f0255ng, 24-f0257ng, 24-f0310nd, 24-f0713ng, 24-f0981nd
  • HP Chromebook 14-ca050sa
  • HP ENVY 13-ah0015nf, 27-b202nl, 27-b206ns, 27-b207na
  • HP ENVY Curved 34-b102ns, 34-b126nb
  • HP ENVY x360 13-ag0001np
  • HP Pavilion 14-ce0018np, 14-ce0040nf, 14-ce0502sa, 15-cs0043nf, 15-cw0008np, 15-cw0107nb, 15-cw0147nb, 27-r008ne, 27-r119, 590-a0014nl, 590-a0772ng, 590-p0025z, 590-p0045xt, 590-p0047c, 590-p0051na, 590-p0063a, 590-p0103nf, 590-p0113nf, 590-p0153nf, 590-p0157nf, 590-p0319ng, 590-p0372ng, 590-p0381ng, 590-p0759n, 590-p0951ng, 595-p0054nl, 595-p0055nl, 595-p0644nz
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0019na, 15-cx0032nc, 15-cx0033nl, 15-cx0035nc, 15-cx0670ng, 15-cx0990nl, 690-0018nl, 690-0103nf, 690-0164nf, 690-0172nf, 790-0038no, 790-0125no
  • HP Slimline 290-a0004nl, 290-a0024nf, 290-a0030, 290-a0046, 290-a0311ng, 290-a0930nd, 290-p0035xt
  • Designed with flair
    The sleek design complements your favorite HP devices, and fits comfortably anywhere.
  • Wireless convenience
    The 2.4 GHz wireless connection reliably keeps you hooked up.

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