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OMEN by HP 300 - Mouse pad - for OMEN 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 17, 880; OMEN Obelisk by HP 875; HP 14, 15, 22; Pavilion 15



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The only thing standing between you and the comeback of the century is five perfectly placed headshots, and those don't come easy. A quality mouse pad can shift a jarring near-miss to a fluid kill shot, with a non-slick rubber base and ideal surface friction for precise, controlled mouse movements.

OMEN by HP 300 - Mouse pad - for OMEN 30L by HP; OMEN by HP 15, 17, 880; OMEN Obelisk by HP 875; HP 14, 15, 22; Pavilion 15
Product Type:
  • Mouse pad
Product Material:
  • Rubber, cloth
  • 35.4 in
  • 15.7 in
  • 0.2 in
  • 0.16 in
  • 26.45 oz
  • English / Canada
  • Rubber base, non-slip
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - 1 year
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • OMEN 25L by HP GT11-0002no, GT11-0016no
  • OMEN 30L by HP GT13-0014, GT13-0024, GT13-0303ng, GT13-0595nd
  • OMEN by HP 15-dc0014ua, 15-dc0045nr, 15-dc1034ns, 15-dc1054nr, 15-dc1056nf, 15-dc1062nr, 15-dc1065nl, 15-dc1101nc, 15-dc1112nc, 15-dc1794nz, 15-dh0022nb, 15-dh0025nl, 15-dh002nr, 15-dh0037na, 15-dh0049nb, 15-dh0058nl, 15-dh0059nl, 15-dh0109nc, 15-dh1013na, 15-dh1020nr, 15-dh1028no, 15-dh1037nb, 15-dh1060nr, 15-dh1065ng, 15-dh1076ng, 15-dh1085ng, 15-dh1266ng, 15-dh1267ng, 17-cb0000nl, 17-cb0024nl, 17-cb0028nl, 17-cb0029nl, 17-cb0030nl, 17-cb0060tx, 17-cb0647ng, 17-cb1002na, 17-cb1014nb, 17-cb1018nb, 17-cb1018no, 17-cb1029no, 17-cb1075ng, 17-cb1085ng, 17-cb1087ng, 17-cb1175nd, 17-cb1272ng, 17-cb1273ng, 17-cb1278ng, 17-cb1809nz, 17-cb1909nz, 880-149, 880-167c, 880-501nl
  • OMEN Obelisk by HP 875-1000nc, 875-1013nl, 875-1020nc, 875-1025nc, 875-1026nl, 875-1292nz, 875-1322ng, 875-1792nz
  • OMEN X by HP 2S 15-dg0007nl, 15-dg0102nc
  • HP 14-cf0033no, 14-cf0500sa, 14-ck0026na, 14-ck0027na, 14-ck0028na, 14-ck0029na, 14-cm0052nb, 14-cm0508na, 14-cm0985na, 15-bs160nw, 15-da0041dx, 15-da0105nf, 15-da0131nb, 15-da0455ng, 15-da0525ng, 15-da0554ng, 15-db0037nf, 15-db0042nr, 15-db0108ns, 15-db0121nf, 15-db0124nf, 15-db0130nf, 15-db0158au, 15-db0231AU, 15-db0520ng, 15-db0601ng, 17-b0548ng, 17-by0022nw, 17-by0080nr, 17-by0091nf, 17-ca0011ds, 17-ca0045nr, 17-ca0080nf, 17-ca0999nb, 20-c441nf, 20-c443nf, 22-c0023nc, 22-c0037nl, 22-c0046nl, 22-c0047na, 22-c0050na, 22-c0052na, 22-c0053na, 22-c0054na, 24-f0016nl, 24-f0029ng, 24-f0040ns, 24-f0041na, 24-f0049na, 24-f0125, 24-f0157a, 24-f0401ng
  • HP Chromebook 14-ca013nb
  • HP ENVY 27-b287nz
  • HP ENVY x360 15-cp0010nr
  • HP Pavilion 14-ce0021nf, 15-cs0072wm, 15-cw0527ng, 15-cw0900nd, 590-a0600ng, 590-p0032, 590-p0045t, 590-p0046ns, 595-p0001ns
  • HP Pavilion Gaming 690-0034nl, 690-0039nl, 790-0812no
  • HP Pavilion x360 11-u000ns
  • HP Slimline 290-a0004ns, 290-a0005ng, 290-a0006na, 290-a0302ng
  • Designed for precision
    Remove any uncertainty in your mouse movements with a non-slip rubber base and smooth cloth surface optimized for the optical sensor of gaming mice.
  • Holds up under pressure
    With 4 mm thickness. Tested to withstand more than 250 km of mouse movement, this is professional quality you can rely on.
  • Room to glide
    A massive size delivers room for fluid, gliding movements, even at lower DPI settings.

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