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VMware Spring Runtime - Term License (1 year) + Premium Support - 8 cores - federal - U.S. Federal only - Linux, Win


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Comprehensive support for OpenJDK, Spring, and Apache Tomcat for any enterprise. VMware Spring Runtime makes OpenJDK support easy. Annual subscriptions are available per pod and per core.
VMware Spring Runtime - Term License (1 year) + Premium Support - 8 cores - federal - U.S. Federal only - Linux, Win
  • Development tools - web applications
Product Type:
  • Term License - 1 year
  • Linux, Windows
Bundled Support:
  • Premium Support
License Qty:
  • 8 cores
License Pricing:
  • Federal government
  • U.S. Federal only
Service & Support
  • New releases update - 1 year
  • Web knowledge base access - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
  • Online training - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
  • Simplicity
    Spring MVC, which is part of the core Spring framework, is the leading technology for building web applications. Spring MVC provides a clean component model that makes building scalable web applications that are testable and grounded in best practices a breeze. By embracing convention over configuration, getting a Spring MVC application running can be as simple as a few annotations and registration of the Spring MVC servlet.
  • Flexibility
    While it's simple to get started, Spring MVC is also very flexible. It offers tried-and-true support for all manner of use cases - from security to session management, from forms handling and validation to layout management. Spring MVC also serves as the basis for Spring Web Flow, which provides a clean way to manage wizard-style navigation in a web application.
  • Data access
    Because choosing among data options can be daunting, the Spring framework provides declarative, annotation-driven support for crosscutting concerns such as transactions and caching. Spring also provides convenient template objects that reduce API interactions with most data stores to one-liners. These template objects let you focus on the task at hand and transparently take care of the boilerplate code chores typical of data access technologies such as connection acquisition, session creation, and concurrency concerns. Spring also provides a unified API that decouples caching from your choice of persistence technology. With Spring's consistent transaction management support and lightweight APIs, you can easily build sophisticated, Java object-based business services and data access objects.
  • Integration
    Spring offers comprehensive support for the integration demands of today's applications by providing a simple model for building enterprise integration solutions while maintaining the separation of concerns that is essential for producing maintainable, testable code. Spring's lightweight, field-tested integration solutions include Spring Integration for building asynchronous, event-driven applications (and for integrating with RPC frameworks if that is more your style); Spring Batch for reliably reading and writing large amounts of data; and Spring Web Services for interoperating with SOAP-based, contract-first web services.
  • Social interaction
    To give your application wider reach, it needs to be where your users are. The Spring Social project provides the connectivity and authorization framework to interface with all manner of service provider APIs, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and many more. In addition, Spring Social ships with numerous APIs for popular service providers, with more are being developed by the community every day. Spring Social can help you connect your application if you're building a desktop application, an Android or mobile application, or a web application.
  • Security
    Spring Security provides the most robust security framework available for enterprise Java developers today. Spring Security offers pluggable SPIs to handle authorization and authentication with numerous convenient implementations provided out of the box. Spring Security integrates consistently with all of the Spring technologies, including Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring Web Services, and Spring Flex. Whether you're trying to audit messages as they travel across an integration flow, cordon off part of your web application from unwelcome visitors, or prevent the invocation of API methods by unauthorized threads, Spring Security provides support.
  • Cloud readiness
    Spring is cloud ready. Spring has always been about choice and portability, and this virtue is more important today than ever. Spring works reliably and consistently on all platforms as a service (PaaS) vendor technologies, including the industry-leading Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services' BeanStalk, and Google's App Engine, among many others. A typical Spring application will require no changes to get started on Cloud Foundry and, once there, can leverage best-of-breed data stores such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and RabbitMQ, the leading message broker in the cloud.
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