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Nutanix AOS Starter - Subscription license (4 years) + Production Support - 1 TiB capacity - federal - entitlement


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AOS includes a variety of features to enable you to administer your environment based on your current and future needs. You can use the default feature set of AOS, upgrade to a richer feature set, update your license for a longer term, or reassign existing licenses to nodes or clusters as needed. Each Nutanix node and block is delivered with a default Starter license, which does not expire. You are not required to register this license on the Nutanix Customer Portal account assigned to you when you purchased your nodes. These licenses are automatically applied whenever you create a cluster, including after you have destroyed a cluster. You do not need to reclaim Starter licenses in this case.
Nutanix AOS Starter - Subscription license (4 years) + Production Support - 1 TiB capacity - federal - entitlement
  • Networking applications - monitoring & performance management
Product Type:
  • Subscription license - 4 years
Bundled Support:
  • Production Support
License Qty:
  • 1 TiB capacity
License Pricing:
  • Federal government
  • Entitlement
  • Dramatically improve IT efficiency
    With one-click simplicity, AOS streamlines IT operations and relieves budget pressures by integrating storage, networking, and compute services into a single solution managed by IT generalists. Start small and scale without limit to meet business demands.
  • Realize consistently high performance
    Deliver applications with the highest possible performance throughout the full lifecycle, not just day one. Provide reliable performance SLAs without worrying about workload changes or growth in application demands. Only Nutanix's innovative HCI software keeps data local to the application to ensure the fastest possible performance, while also decreasing network traffic. And, advanced machine learning technology balances resource consumption across the full HCI environment for maximum optimization.
  • Get complete visibility and control
    Manage your IT environment from a single interface from Day 0 to Day N. Provision and optimize VMs and containers, monitor infrastructure and application performance, scale your environment, and automate mundane IT operations with unmatched, one-click simplicity. Leverage advanced machine learning technology to automate common datacenter workflows and deliver actionable insight - with zero touch.
  • Enjoy the multi-hypervisor HCI solution
    Only Nutanix provides the freedom to choose the right virtualization technology for every use case. Use popular hypervisors, such as VMware ESXi or Microsoft Windows Hyper-V. Or, leverage Nutanix's native, license-free hypervisor, AHV. Reduce IT expenses and simplify management by eliminating separate virtualization management tools with Nutanix AOS.
  • Build and deliver cloud-native applications
    Support cloud-native development applications and projects alongside your virtualized enterprise workloads. Deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters in minutes with just a few clicks. Comes with persistent storage, centralized monitoring, and automated upgrades.
  • Secure your data and services
    Nutanix AOS is inherently more secure than traditional IT infrastructure architectures; fewer disparate components means a smaller attack surface. AOS satisfies the most stringent government and business regulations with built-in security configuration baselines, data-at-rest encryption, network microsegmentation and governance, audit & reporting.
  • Keep services up and data safe at all times
    AOS ensures that your applications, services and data are always available, even in the event a disk or server fails, or even a full rack has issues. Keep your business running and your data safe by relying upon automated data recovery and protection capabilities, and sophisticated but easy-to-use disaster recovery options that meet the most stringent SLAs.
  • Stay Patched, upgraded and compliant
    Tracking and patching your infrastructure stack has traditionally been a complex and error-prone process that can take weeks. With deep knowledge about version interdependencies, Life Cycle Manager (LCM) automates this process with one-click simplicity, enabling you to keep everything from the platform firmware up, up-to-date, giving you back your weekends.
  • Deploy on your platform of choice
    AOS runs on off-the-shelf server hardware with flexible configuration options to support all of your workloads. Plus, the software licenses are fully portable and can be easily moved to different hardware at any time. Choose the right platform; from highly affordable options that are perfect for remote sites, to hardware configurations with high-end CPUs and fast NVMe SSDs for your most mission-critical databases.
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