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AXIS Surveillance - Flash memory card (microSDXC to SD adapter included) - 512 GB - A2 / UHS-I U3 / Class10 - microSDXC UHS-I - for AXIS D3110, M3085, M3086, M5075, M7116, P3818, Q1656, Q1715, Q1942, Q6100; P37 Series



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This Product Has Limited Exchange Privileges. For support on this product, please contact AXIS COMMUNICATION INC @ 800-444-2947.



AXIS Surveillance Card 512 GB is a high performing edge storage solution optimized for video surveillance. Edge storage enables flexible storage solutions such as de-centralized video recording and may eliminate the need of an onsite server, DVR or NVR. In applications with bandwidth limitations, live video can be viewed in low resolution, while high resolution video is recorded locally on AXIS Surveillance Card 512 GB. Combined with Axis Zipstream technology, even high-resolution video can be recorded effectively local on AXIS Surveillance Card 512 GB, both for primary storage or as redundancy for failover recording in case of lost connections.

AXIS Surveillance - Flash memory card (microSDXC to SD adapter included) - 512 GB - A2 / UHS-I U3 / Class10 - microSDXC UHS-I - for AXIS D3110, M3085, M3086, M5075, M7116, P3818, Q1656, Q1715, Q1942, Q6100; P37 Series
Product Type:
  • Flash memory card
Storage Capacity:
  • 512 GB
Speed Class:
  • A2 / UHS-I U3 / Class10
Read Rate:
  • Up to 100 MB/s
Write Rate:
  • Up to 39 MB/s
Form Factor:
  • microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card
Included Memory Adapter:
  • microSDXC to SD adapter
Included Accessories:
  • Jewel case
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - 5 years
Dimensions & Weight
  • 0.6 in
  • 0.4 in
  • 0.04 in
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature:
  • -13 °F
Max Operating Temperature:
  • 185 °F
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • AXIS A8207-VE MkII Network Video Door Station, D3110, I8016-LVE, M1134, M1135, M1135-E, M1137, M1137-E, M2026-LE Mk II, M3015 Network Camera, M3016 Network Camera, M3057-PLVE MkII, M3058-PLVE Network Camera, M3064-V, M3065-V, M3066-V, M3067-P, M3068-P, M3075-V, M3077-PLVE, M3085-V, M3086-V, M3115-LVE, M3116-LVE, M3205-LVE, M3205-LVE Network Camera, M3206-LVE, M4308-PLE, M5054, M5055, M5065, M5075-G, M5525-E, M5525-E PTZ Network Camera, M7104 Video Encoder, M7116 Video Encoder, P1265 Network Camera, P1280-E, P1290, P1375 Network Camera, P1375-E, P1377, P1377-LE, P1378 Network Camera, P1378-LE Network Camera, P1447-LE, P1448-LE, P1455-LE, P1455-LE-3 License Plate Verifier Kit, P3245-LV Network Camera, P3245-LVE Network Camera, P3245-V Network Camera, P3245-VE Network Camera, P3247-LV, P3247-LVE, P3248-LV, P3248-LVE, P3255-LVE, P3715-PLVE, P3719-PLE, P3727-PLE, P3807-PVE Network Camera, P3818-PVE, P3904-R Mk II Network Camera, P3905-R Mk II Network Camera, P3925-LRE, P3925-R, P3935-LR, P5654-E 50 Hz, P5654-E 60 Hz, P5655-E 50 Hz, P5655-E 60 Hz, P7304 Video Encoder, P9106-V, Q1615 Mk III, Q1615-LE Mk III, Q1645, Q1645-LE Network Camera, Q1647, Q1647-LE, Q1656, Q1656-B, Q1656-LE, Q1700-LE License Plate Camera, Q1715, Q1785-LE, Q1786-LE, Q1798-LE, Q1942-E PT Mount, Q1951-E, Q1952-E, Q3517-SLVE, Q3536-LVE, Q3819-PVE, Q6010-E 60Hz, Q6074 50 Hz, Q6074 60 Hz, Q6074-E 50 Hz, Q6074-E 60 Hz, Q6075 50 Hz, Q6075 60 Hz, Q6075-E 50 Hz, Q6075-E 60 Hz, Q6100-E 50 Hz, Q6100-E 60 Hz, Q6135-LE, Q6215-LE 50Hz, Q6215-LE 60Hz, Q6315-LE 50 Hz, Q6315-LE 60 Hz, Q8685-E, Q8752-E, Q9216-SLV Steel, Q9216-SLV White, V5925, V5938 50 Hz, XF40-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, XF60-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, XP40-Q1785, XP40-Q1785 Explosion-Protected PTZ Camera
  • AXIS M42 Network Camera Series M4216-LV, M4216-V
  • AXIS P37 Series P3727-PLE
  • AXIS Q60 Series Q6078-E 50 Hz, Q6078-E 60 Hz

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