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Xerox WorkCentre 5845/5855 - 1 - staple cartridge - for AltaLink C8055; Phaser 7800; VersaLink B605, B7025, C605, C7025, C7030, C8000, C9000



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Get Xerox performance and reliability with printer consumables formulated to provide superior image quality and reliable printing.

Xerox WorkCentre 5845/5855 - 1 - staple cartridge - for AltaLink C8055; Phaser 7800; VersaLink B605, B7025, C605, C7025, C7030, C8000, C9000
Shipping Width:
  • 2.8 in
Shipping Depth:
  • 5.2 in
Shipping Height:
  • 2 in
Shipping Weight:
  • 0.44 lbs
Consumable Type:
  • Staple cartridge
Included Qty:
  • 1
Consumables Included:
  • 5000 x staple
Compatibility Information
Compatible with:
  • Xerox AltaLink B8045/H2, B8045/HXF2, B8055/H2, B8055/HXF2, B8065/H2, B8065/HXF2, B8090/H2, B8090/HXF2, C8030/C8035, C8030/H2, C8030/T2, C8030/TXF2, C8035/H2, C8035/HXF2, C8035/T2, C8035/TXF2, C8045/C8055, C8045/H2, C8045/HXF2, C8055/H2, C8055/HXF2, C8055/YHXF, C8070/H2, C8070/HXF2
  • Xerox Color C60PROV/U, C60PROV/Y, C60V/S, C70PROV/U, C70PROV/Y, C70V_S, C75 Press
  • Xerox ColorQube 8700/SM, 8700/XM
  • Xerox Phaser 7800/DNM
  • Xerox VersaLink B600/DN, B600/DNM, B600/DT, B600/DX, B600/DXF, B600/DXP, B600V_DN, B600V_DNM, B605/S, B605/SF, B605/SFM, B605/SLM, B605/SM, B605/SP, B605/SPM, B605/X, B605/XF, B605/XFM, B605/XL, B605/XLM, B605/XM, B605/XP, B605/XPM, B605/XTF, B605/XTFM, B605/XTP, B605/XTPM, B605/YX, B610/DN, B610/DNM, B610/DT, B610/DX, B610/DXF, B610/DXP, B610V_DN, B610V_DNM, B615/SL, B615/SLM, B615/XL, B615/XLM, B615/YXL, B7025/DM2, B7025/DS2, B7025/HM2, B7025/HXFM2, B7025/HXFS2, B7025/SS2, B7025/YHXF, B7030/DM2, B7030/DS2, B7030/HM2, B7030/HS2, B7030/HXFM2, B7030/HXFS2, B7030/SM2, B7030/SS2, B7035/DM2, B7035/DS2, B7035/HM2, B7035/HS2, B7035/HXFM2, B7035/HXFS2, B7035/SM2, B7035/SS2, C505/S, C505/SM, C505/X, C505/XM, C600V/DNM, C605/X, C605/XFM, C605/XL, C605/XLM, C605/XM, C605/XPM, C605/XTF, C605/XTFM, C605/XTPM, C605/YXF, C605/YXL, C605/YXP, C7020/DM2, C7020/DS2, C7020/SM2, C7020/SS2, C7020/TM2, C7020/TS2, C7020/TXFM2, C7020/TXFS2, C7020V_S, C7025/DM2, C7025/DS2, C7025/SM2, C7025/SS2, C7025/TM2, C7025/TS2, C7025/TXFM2, C7025/TXFS2, C7025/YTXF, C7030/DM2, C7030/DS2, C7030/SM2, C7030/SS2, C7030/TM2, C7030/TS2, C7030/TXFM2, C7030/TXFS2, C7030/YTXF, C8000/DT, C8000/DTM, C8000V/DT, C8000V/DTM, C9000/DT, C9000/DTM, C9000/YDT, C9000V/DT, C9000V/DTM
  • Xerox WorkCentre 5325/CH, 5325/PH, 5325/PHXF, 5330/C, 5330/P, 5330/PH, 5330/PHXF, 5335/C, 5335/P, 5335/PH, 5335/YC, 5755/APT, 5755/APTXF, 7220/PXF2I, 7556/HCT, 7556/HCTXF, 7830/YP, 7830/YPXF, 7835/YP, 7835/YPXF, 7845/YPT, 7845/YPTXF, 7970/PH, 7970/PHXF, 7970/YPH, 7970/YPHXF

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