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Absolute empowers enterprises, governments, agencies, educational institutions, and more to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats.

Absolute has the privileged position of being factory-embedded in more than 600 million endpoints, making us uniquely capable of enabling a permanent digital connection that dynamically applies visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to endpoints, applications, and network connections.
Intro to Absolute Secure Access
Ensure secure remote access, without sacrificing on experience. Absolute provides resilient network connectivity for users to securely access critical resources in the public cloud, private data centers, and on-premises.

Absolute Products

Serves as your source of truth for device and application health.
Provides you a lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data.
Delivers application self-healing and confident risk response.
Absolute Core image

Absolute Core

Deliver an optimized secure tunnel for today’s modern workforce.
Absolute Edge image

Absolute Edge

Assure Zero Trust Network Access with optimized user experience.

Industry Solutions

Absolute for K-12 Education

See, manage, control and validate appropriate usage across your entire device population — whether they're Chromebook, Windows, or Mac devices.

Absolute for Higher Education

Colleges and universities need to square their need for information with compliance risks and cybersecurity threats. Strike the balance with Absolute's endpoint visibility and control.

Absolute for Government

Leverage Absolute to enable a secure digital government, and increase your IT and security efficiency, accuracy and confidence. Stay compliant on all your endpoints.

Absolute for Healthcare

Learn how Absolute gives you the power to identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they become security incidents that require breach notifications.
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