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Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of multi-gigabit broadband for business, residential and municipal applications. We collaborate with and serve network operators in education, healthcare, industrial campuses and municipalities—and empower our partners to economically maximize broadband and Wi-Fi performance.

Cambium's ONE Network solutions let you focus on the business and applications rather than the elements so that you can consistently deliver exceptional digital experiences.
Wireless Connectivity Solutions that Just Work
Enterprise Wi-Fi and Fixed Wireless Broadband solutions from Cambium Networks connect people, places and things. Our indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, and wireless broadband wide area networks connect enterprises, industries, governments and service providers with easy to deploy, economical and efficient cloud-managed solutions that deliver amazing results and high end user satisfaction.
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What Sets Us Apart


  • Network design software makes it easy to plan coverage and capacity
  • Manage the entire wireless network via the cloud


  • Wireless networks can grow from serving one remote location to covering an entire urban area
  • Our portfolio can be tailored to meet your needs today—and is ready to expand as your needs evolve


  • Deploy wireless connectivity for far less than the cost of trenching fiber
  • Oversee multiple networks simultaneously via cloud management

Industry Solutions

Higher Education image

Higher Education

Top-grade wireless solutions across your entire campus.

As the number of wireless devices per student grows, demand for wireless connectivity in higher education is rapidly expanding. Flexible learning, online testing and video collaboration with media-rich content requires utility-grade Wi-Fi—delivering stable, reliable and affordable performance.

Every day, Cambium Networks connects more than two million students and teachers around the world with unparalleled integrated Wi-Fi access and wireless fiber campus backhaul. These purpose-built technologies uniquely address density, scale and security while delivering a best-in-class experience—ensuring that learning can proceed uninterrupted.

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K-12 Education image

K-12 Education

Empower education with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

Better schooling starts with better wireless. Whether accessing digital content, collaborating on a team project or taking online tests, sluggish connections aren’t acceptable—and Cambium Networks delivers gold-standard wireless connectivity for primary k-12 education teachers, students and IT staff.

Our technologies are designed to deliver high-bandwidth, stable internet at all times—even under heavy load. Gigabit speeds power classroom learning, while reliable connectivity ensures the focus can be kept on learning and college readiness—and not on IT infrastructure.

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State & Local Government image

State & Local Government

Connect people to improve communities.

Regardless of the size of your community, people need to be able to seamlessly connect in city centers, at events and throughout facilities. With Cambium Networks’ complete portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions, you can deploy gigabit-speed bandwidth at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or fiber buildouts.

Our technologies are proven to perform in even the most demanding environments—and with centralized cloud management, you can leverage IT resources across a larger area and support multiple applications and use cases.

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Healthcare image


Excellent patient care starts with exceptional connectivity.

Hospitals, clinics and care facilities have one core focus—their patients. In these settings, wireless connectivity is mission critical, and the network must be seamless, reliable and easy to manage.

Featuring indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access and wireless fiber WAN, Cambium Networks provides support for asset tracking, monitoring, nurse collaboration and video applications. And with IEC-60601-certified solutions—and proven integration with leading medical ecosystem providers—you’ll have the coverage and capacity you need to enhance quality of care while reducing costs.

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