Code in Retail & Commercial Settings

In retail, the ability to scan and print labels and receipts on demand can greatly streamline an otherwise cumbersome workflow. Mobile scan-to-print capabilities ensure accuracy and functionality, increase productivity, and enable the versatility necessary to meet customer expectations in a competitive market.

Today, there are numerous solutions to help your retail business run smoothly, but none offer the same level of affordability and reliability as the barcode scanning solutions from Code

Code in Manufacturing & Industrial Settings

There are hundreds of moving pieces in any manufacturing process. These variables can alter quality, safety, efficiency, and the bottom line for companies large and small. The right data capture solution can help you identify process weak points, monitor inventory status, forecast production flow, and track hundreds of workflow processes. This data facilitates real-time decision making for both local and remote management teams.

Code Products in Healthcare

Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the healthcare environment, from the receiving area of a hospital, to patient administration, to a patient’s bedside. Code offers a complete line of barcode readers that are built to withstand the extensive cleaning and disinfecting devices undergo in healthcare environments. Available in a variety of form factors, including palm and handled, Code’s healthcare barcode readers feature disinfectant-ready plastics that have been assigned a level rating to indicate the type of chemical cleaner each reader is designed to withstand. With Levels 1, 2 and new CodeShield™ plastics, hospitals can quickly select the Code reader that best suits the use case environment.

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Code for Government

Code barcode readers are used in the law enforcement and government communities to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the Code barcode readers are used in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of -Custody, Asset Tracking Networking, Department of Defense IUID programs and more. We offer customized solutions, for easy integration into information and enterprise systems - whatever the application.

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Code for Education

Digital doesn’t just refer to online learning. Digital tools, such as Code Barcode Scanners, help streamline school administrative processes. They are perfect for reading digital student ID cards to confirm class attendance and just as good for scanning visitor badges to monitor campus visitors. Code Barcode Scanners are also ideal for tracking organizational assets—laptops, tablets, etc. That means: Instead of replacing missing assets, more of your budget can go towards investing in new technology.

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