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From your local high school scoreboard to video systems in major league stadiums, and roadside LED signs to iconic digital signage in Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and around the world, there's a good chance you see our products every day. Our range of products and uses make us the most experienced digital display manufacturer in the industry.
What to Expect from Order to Install with Daktronics Hosted Venus Control Suite
Once an LED display order is placed, you just sit back and wait for that display to arrive, right? Actually, you can take steps to maximize the display’s capability on the first day of installation. And customers can access their Venus Control Suite software prior to receiving their display. They can use the software, think about messages, create them and upload them to their account. This video shows every step of the process involving the sign company, Daktronics and the customer. Everyone works together so the customer sees immediate results from their LED display investment.
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Communicate Effectively on Campus

There's no better way to communicate with your student body, staff and campus visitors than with Daktronics displays. Daktronics offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor displays, from simple messaging or graphics capability on a single-color (monochrome) system, to the ability to display full-color, high-definition video. Communicate community events, campus news, upcoming events and other public service announcements.
Outdoor LED Displays image

Outdoor LED Displays

Reach students and visitors with an electronic medium that demands attention. Daktronics outdoor LED systems use the latest technologies and are available in hundreds of sizes to fit any application.

Administrators use outdoor LED displays to:

  • Welcome students and visitors
  • Promote events and programs campus-wide
  • Recognize academic and athletic achievements
  • Show time, temperature, weather forecasts and other public service announcements
  • Build a more connected community
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Indoor LED Displays

The world continues to get smaller as communication technologies advance. Students want to know what is going on in their community and the rest of the world, and they look for that information wherever they are.

Indoor LED displays can be used on campus to:

  • Show live news and other television broadcasts
  • Show news, sports and weather headlines
  • Welcome students and visitors
  • Promote events and programs campus-wide
  • Recognize academic and athletic achievements
  • Show public service announcements
  • Build a more connected campus community

Experience the Daktronics Difference

Solutions to fit your needs. image

Solutions to fit your needs.

With local sales and service across the U.S. and worldwide, we build long-lasting relationships to provide you with the best possible product and service.
Reliable products to depend on. image

Reliable products to depend on.

Our engineers test the limits of every Daktronics product. The end result is a high-performing display that excels in even the most adverse conditions.
Committed to customer service. image

Committed to customer service.

Service and parts, when you need it and how you need it. Our trained technicians, located around the world, provide service to meet your standards of excellence.
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