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Digium’s history is rooted in a desire to open up the most advanced and flexible business communications technologies to organizations of all sizes. Our vision is a world based upon open communications. Our mission is to transform the way businesses acquire and operate their communications systems through the application of open source software.
Specializing in Communications Solutions for Education
Digium has helped more than one thousand schools select the right phone system. Our customers range from the 5th largest public school district to colleges and universities, as well as very small charter schools. We understand your pain points and are uniquely qualified to help you address them.
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Improving Schools with a Switchvox Phone System

Communication is an integral part of education and schools need an affordable, easy-to-use technology that enables it. Switchvox, a VoIP phone system, makes it simple to replace an older phone system and quickly experience the benefits of using mobile applications, dedicated conference rooms, and other advanced features that take school communications to the next level. Switchvox is more than a basic school phone system that simply answers calls. It helps connect teachers, staff members, and parents anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Switchvox for Schools


Switchvox enables you broadcast emergency alerts through a paging system that goes out via the display on desktop phones, directly to parents’ phones, or to emergency contact numbers of your students.

Mobility features in Switchvox help turn your staff into a mobile task force during an emergency. The ability to readily communicate with mobile devices ensures that you can reach your staff anywhere, anytime.


Switchvox offers low upfront costs, industry-low annual costs, and an “All Features Included” pricing model that ensures you don’t have to sacrifice features to meet your school’s budget.

In fact, Switchvox typically can save schools 40-60% compared to other proprietary phone vendors.

It can also easily integrate with existing systems to facilitate a slow rollout if the budget can’t cover a complete replacement.

Easy to Use

School phone systems absolutely must be easy to use, perhaps even more so than other industries.

Education professionals typically don’t have time to learn complex systems. So they love that Switchvox comes with an intuitive and powerful web-based interface, handsets, and mobile applications.

This makes it easy for new employees to get up and running quickly without taking time away from the classroom.

Features that Benefit All Employees

Phone systems aren't just for office workers anymore. VoIP phone systems for schools open up an entire world of communication for all employees. Whether you are a teacher, an administrator, or an IT staff member, a Unified Communications system offers benefits specific to your job role.

Switchvox for the Teacher
  • Mobile applications allow teachers to make calls from their cell phones while using a school phone number so that personal home or mobile numbers are kept private.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence allows teachers to easily transition calls from their desk phones to their mobile phones with the touch of a button.
  • Each extension is given a dedicated conference room that is perfect for hosting one-on-one meetings with a child's parent or groups calls with the entire class' parents.

Switchvox for the Administrator
  •  Free up time and increase efficiency by automating absentee and other routine calls.
  •  Easily create custom greetings and messaging to enhance your school's professional image.
  •  Microsoft Outlook integration allows administrators to dial contacts directly from Outlook contacts or emails.

Switchvox for IT Staff
  •  Switchvox is 100% web-based and easily managed from any computer connected to the network.
  •  The admin interface is very easy-to-use and requires absolutely no coding.
  •  Every feature is included in the initial purchase and is permissions-based, so whenever someone needs a feature added, simply check a box and the user is granted what they need right away.
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