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Kramer audio-visual experiences power creativity, collaboration, and engagement. From signal management to advanced cloud-based communication, collaboration and control solutions, Kramer technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and brings people closer together even when they’re miles apart. 

Welcome to the audio-visual experience revolution

Welcome to the audio-visual experience revolution. We power engagement, collaboration and creativity. We’re all about intuitive technology that bridges gaps, break down walls and brings people closer together, even when they’re far apart. 


Physical and digital boundaries have blurred. But no matter how hybrid our world becomes, our desire for real, human connection will never cease. Kramer’s intuitive, seamless technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they’re far apart.
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Endless opportunities to teach and learn

Taking education beyond the class, lab or lecture hall, we enable everyone to present, share and engage no matter where they are. In every type of education space, our end-to-end solutions facilitate all imaginable types of learning experiences.
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Enabling people to connect and work together with confidence

Empower people and organization to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and collaborate efficiently. Kramer solutions for wired and wireless content sharing and collaboration are easy to install and intuitive to use, enabling people to participate in meetings, presentations, and conferences with full confidence. With Kramer’s future-forward audio-visual experiences, you can keep pace with expectations for hybrid collaboration and connection
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Other Solutions

End-to-end experience

From signal management to advanced cloud based communication, collaboration and control solutions, Kramer technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they’re far apart.

Featured Products

Kramer Quicklaunch Meeting Software

The Kramer Quicklaunch solution provides a simple and secure meeting room interface that simplifies and speeds every aspect. With multi-platform integration, it transforms any PC or interactive display into a one click meeting space.

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Kramer AV Control Platform

Deliver advanced, user-friendly control in any space, quickly and easily. A cloud-based, enterprise-class AV control platform with an on-premises option, Kramer Control transforms the control experience, end-to-end. Control any in-room AV device, from anywhere.

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Kramer KDS-100 AVoIP Solution

The KDS-100 is ideal for any space or use case requiring low-latency, high-quality video presentation up to 4K60, such as operations rooms, university auditoriums, highly secure command, control centers, and AVoIP distribution deployments.

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Kramer Series 3 Portfolio

Experience simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in integrating high-performance AV solutions for any space. Kramer’s new series-based approach, Series 3 is a comprehensive portfolio of audio-visual signal management products supporting 4K60 video.

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Kramer USB-C Family of Cables

The Kramer USB-C family of cables comprises an extensive range of unique USB-C cables that offer enhanced capabilities and performance. Address a wide range of applications using a single solution for video, data, power, or Ethernet.

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Kramer VIA 4.0 Collaboration Platform

The VIA wireless collaboration platform powers infinite ways to engage and collaborate in any hybrid work and education environment. Providing full BYOD and BYOM flexibility, the various VIA models can be used in any combination.

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