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We create 100% cloud managed IT that simply works. Technology can connect us, empower us, and drive us. At Cisco Meraki, we believe that by simplifying powerful technology, we can free passionate people to focus on their mission and reach groups previously left in the darkness.

Founded in 2006, Meraki has grown to become an industry leader in the IT space, with over 230,000 customers and 3 million network devices and counting online around the world. Our comprehensive set of solutions includes wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, and security cameras, all managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface. This allows customers to seize new business opportunities and reduce operational costs.
Meraki Case Study: Pfeiffer University
Leading Pfeiffer University into an era of digital learning has been the goal of Dr. Ken Russell, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Chief Information Officer. By deploying Cisco Meraki APs, switches, and security appliances, the 6-person team at Pfeiffer has been able to create a network built to support over 2,000 students and staff, across 5 distributed sites in North Carolina. Watch this case study video to hear Dr. Russell and his team share how Pfeiffer relies on the Meraki solution to support and enable digital transformation on campus.
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Empowering IT to Deliver Best-In-Class Service and Support

Because software never sleeps, Meraki technology is designed from the outset with future-proof hardware inside, capable of supporting new features which are added over the lifetime of every product. The result is an investment which grows and pays back over time, with powerful features like Location Analytics, Enterprise Mobility Management and developer-friendly APIs.

Focus on the task at hand

Reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot network issues and keep the things running smoothly with a powerful suite of tools that are refreshingly easy to use.

Remote cable tests, live packet capturing and automatic, built-in alerting are just a few of the ways Meraki products reduce overhead and increase IT efficiency.

Everything Under One Roof

Manage a broad and demanding network with a simple, intuitive dashboard that supports real-time collaboration and role-based access control so the entire team can work together to deliver an amazing experience.

Deep visibility and detailed network insights help IT staff and network ambassadors quickly respond to and resolve issues before they ever impact users and productivity.

Go from Reactive to Proactive

Did a switch port or access point just go down? Alerting and logging are all centralized and integrated, eliminating the headache of piecing together disparate solutions.

Manage and monitor the entire campus on-the-go with the Meraki mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play.
Stay Connected

Fast, reliable, and secure network connectivity — from the classroom to the halls of residence

Cisco Meraki offers higher education institutions the power, flexibility, and control they need to keep campuses connected and secure. The intuitive, cloud-based dashboard includes features such as advanced network analytics, programmability with APIs, and robust threat prevention, enabling customers to save time, reduce operating costs, and enhance student experiences.

High Density, without the High Maintenance

Meraki access points are designed to deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments such as auditoriums and lecture halls — without the bottleneck of hardware controllers.

  • Crowd-proficient WiFi that deploys in minutes
  • Support any student device without compromising network performance or security.
  • Reduce RF interference in congested areas with a dedicated scanning radio that proactively tunes channels and radio power to optimize performance.
  • Steer clients to faster, less congested 5GHz channels and improve roaming performance by setting minimum bitrates.

Keep students and faculty safe

Meraki makes it easy to protect users, services, and the campus by unifying security and network management across all layers of a deployment. Ensure that students and faculty are always safe — whether in a lecture, dorm, or simply strolling around campus.

  • Protect the network and its users from one intuitive interface: trace connected devices to an access point to a switch port in one fluid motion.
  • Enable threat protection at the flip of a switch and block unwanted software before it ever reaches the network.
  • Thief on campus? MV security cameras with Motion Search make it easier than e ever to retroactively select areas of importance and identify the culprit without ever hitting the fast forward button.
  • Thwart suspicious activity such as wireless SSID spoofing with built-in intrusion detection and an always-on scanning radio.

Create Experiences

  • How busy is the dining hall? Improve student services, staffing and branding with built-in wireless analytics that help to understand foot traffic and client behavior across the entire campus
  • Create engaging student experiences such as helping a student locate their classrooms from your mobile app with our bluetooth and wireless APIs
  • Leverage a vast developer and technology partner ecosystem to create a truly unique experience for students, faculty and visitors alike
  • Purpose-built in room access points make connecting students in residence halls and dormitories easy, cost effective and fast.

Manage Access

  • Campus-wide group policies for everything from dorms to classrooms and students to faculty
  • Content filtering, logging, alerting and insights managed in a powerful and comprehensive security center
  • Port security and wired access policies with 802.1x, MAC-authentication and MAC-sticky configuration options
  • Device fingerprinting and application-level historical reporting let you identify bandwidth or network abusers before they impact productivity
  • Support for industry-leading network access (NAC) solutions

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