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QOMO is a leading US brand and global manufacturer of educational and corporate presentation technology. From doc cams to interactive touch screens, we’re the only partner who comes with a fully-integrated (and adaptable) product line that’s easy to use and easy on the budget. After doing this for nearly 20 years, we understand how to work with everyone from CEOs and CTOs to district administrators and classroom teachers. QOMO brings the simplest, most understandable solutions that help everyone enjoy what they do best.
QOMO PresenStation Overview
Learn how you can use the QOMO PresenStation for presentations, lessons, and drawing. The PresenStation makes any computer screen into an interactive touch screen using capacitive touch and super precise EM technology.
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Featured Products

Audience Response System

The QClick is a simple and cost-effective audience response system ideal for classroom settings, group meetings, or anywhere instant feedback is desired. Easily manage gathered data and convert information to Powerpoint slides with the click of a button.

BundleBoard G Interactive LED Panel

The BundleBoard G is a collaboration panel that encourages communication and productivity. It allows presenters to set their main focus of-the-day on a personalized home screen. A variety of helpful tools and Android apps make for engaging presentations.

High Definition Webcam

The high definition QOMO WebCam 004 is an essential tool for upgrading your remote learning or ( working from home experience. Built with professional quality components, it has a sharp 1080p camera and built-in dual mic to capture all of the details.

Interactive Laser Projector

With a projection size of up to 55” x 115”, unbeatable laser-bright images, and built-in speakers, you can give your audience a fully-immersive multimedia experience in any environment. The interactive touch technology will function on any smooth surface.

PresenStation Interactive Podium

The PresenStation 600F2 (QIT600 F2) is a widescreen monitor that makes any computer interactive with super precise EM pen technology. Control your lecture or presentation without turning your back to your audience by using an interactive podium.

QConnect Wireless Screen Sharing

This powerful system can recognize up to 64 device connections at a time. Admin features allow for presenters to have more control of devices being presented. Split screen function allows for up to 4 devices to be shown simultaneously.

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