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Ruckus delivers simply better connections, so you can deliver awesome customer experiences. We innovate across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs and the most demanding use cases. Our high-performance network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment. When connectivity really matters, Ruckus has you covered.
Building a Smart Campus with Ruckus Networks: The Full Story
A Smart Campus transforms the way people live, learn and play. Ruckus can help you create more dynamic classrooms and a safer, smarter campus. With ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity everywhere, you can deliver new learning models, connect students to campus services and keep everyone safe and secure
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Elevate the Student Experience with Smart Campus Solutions

What, exactly, makes a campus "smart"? At the highest level, a Smart Campus uses IoT to link devices, applications, and people to enhance and enable new services while improving operational efficiency. To get started, read the Smart Campus eBook to learn more about what’s possible.

Smart Campus Personal Student Networks

At modern colleges and residence halls, students expect to be able to live, work and play the way they do at home. That means being able to AirPlay video from their iPad over Wi-Fi, play multiplayer games with friends down the hall, or connect to a personal printer without scrolling through dozens of networks and devices that have nothing to do with them.

CloudPath + RG Nets rXG Gateway

Smart Campus Learning

Institutions can unleash amazing new capabilities to redefine lecture halls, create more flexible and collaborative workspaces, and create new and interesting data-driven curricula. How can IoT help?

Students in a variety of courses—public policy, statistics, environmental studies, psychology, mathematics, computer science—now have a wealth of real-world data, drawn from their own campus environment, to study and apply to their projects. 

CloudPath | SmartZone | SCI | Access Points | ICX Switches + SPOT

Smart Campus Living

Home-away-from-home experience starts with fast internet connections, but with IoT can be so much more. Smart Homes have raised expectations, with Ring video doorbells, Nest thermostats and Amazon Echo featuring Alexa. Convenience and control have never been higher!

A smart lifestyle at campus includes mobile apps which provide services like wayfinding to class, personal student networks for privacy, parking spot locating and campus traffic maps, in-building LTE to call mom, and more!

CloudPath | SmartZone | SCI | Access Points | ICX Switches + SPOT

Smart Campus Security

As institutions embrace IoT technologies, they’re finding that the same platform that supports digital learning and connected experiences can enable applications that make campus safer and more secure for everyone living there.

Multiple components—lighting, surveillance cameras, alarms, smart ID cards—can now work together to make automated real-time decisions that keep everyone on campus safer.

Video Surveillance | Smart Locks | Access Control | Tracking People & Assets | CloudPath | SmartZone | SCI | Access Points | ICX Switches + SPOT

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