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Contactless technologies and hybrid work and learning are top of mind as students return to the classroom and employees rephase back to the office.

ScreenBeam is ready to equip you with the right solutions to ensure safe contactless environments for true, spontaneous collaboration in your learning and workspaces. Choosing ScreenBeam solutions is your best opportunity to visualize safe yet productive classrooms and meeting rooms in response to your Covid-19 strategy.
Introducing ScreenBeam Solutions
Designed to be the most flexible enterprise wireless presentation and collaboration solution available at a price difficult to beat.  App-free wireless presentations from any device with ability to wirelessly markup content on in-room displays for a natural workflow. Integrated HTML-based digital signage available when displays are not in use.
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Wireless display creates an agile teaching environment in which teachers can move anywhere in the classroom to collaborate with students and gives students the ability to present and share.

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Higher Education

Reopen campuses safely with standards-based wireless presentation that eliminates contact points while creating agile learning spaces, conference rooms and board rooms.

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Implement safe meeting spaces in the age of social distancing with contactless wireless screen sharing. Standards-based solution eliminates apps, cables, and dongles for safe employee collaboration.

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Featured Products

Collaborate in new and dynamic ways with a single solution that enables Whiteboard interactivity without complex device connectivity. ScreenBeam’s 1000 EDU Gen 2 delivers app-free, wireless screen sharing from any device, integrated Whiteboard application, digital signage, and instant notifications simply and affordably. Untether teachers, enhance student engagement for better learning outcomes, and supercharge your classroom technology investments with ScreanBeam 1000 EDU Gen 2.

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The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is highly effective for enterprise rollouts by simplifying conference room setups for better team collaboration while reducing hardware expenses. Users can wirelessly share and mark-up content on the room display from their favorite Windows, macOS, iOS or Chromebook device without an app or dongle. Presenter and guest devices have multiple options to connect including Miracast™, local Wi-Fi mode, and network infrastructure connectivity. It’s one step to connect ScreenBeam directly to an existing UC Room system’s HDMI input, and integrated digital signage can be put to use when displays are idle. Every receiver includes Central Management Enterprise software to monitor and manage ScreenBeam receivers using a standard web browser, and support multi-user and role-based access for large deployments with multiple sites and administrators.

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The ScreenBeam 960 enables hassle-free native screen mirroring from Windows, Android and Apple devices.  Create an interactive digital workspace by connecting your device to the room display with a single click or swipe. Presenters are untethered to drive content from anywhere in the room and wirelessly collaborate. Extended desktop allows presenters to run additional tasks and actions while presenting, while interactive touch displays and wireless touch enables presenters and viewers to interact with the front-of-room display. Central Management System (CMS) software is included for remote management of receivers.

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