Howard RX422SE Desktop

Professional Powerhouse

Get the workstation designed expressly for working professionals, Howard’s RX422SE. This powerhouse is an expert fusion of form and function, with the level of high performance, reliability, and flexibility necessary for professional workloads—data-intensive work processes such as telemedicine, graphic design, film editing, transactional analysis, and advanced CAD applications. The RX422SE utilizes Intel’s high-end Xeon W processor series, has up to 18 cores, and supports multiple graphic cards, allowing you to run numerous programs simultaneously and seamlessly. A rack mount setup not only protects your equipment from accidental damage, but also enhances built-in security features by making it accessible only to approved IT personnel. Additional benefits of a rack mount system include proper cooling and better power management, which translates to longer system life. Get the workstation powerhouse preferred by professionals, the Howard’s RX422SE.
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