Esteem SD3-4136


High Availability & Continuous Data Protection

As your business grows, so will your network needs. Prepare now with Howard’s SD3-4136 rack-mountable storage solution. Powered by Windows Server® 2019, this 4U, 36-drive system can support large data drives up to 576TB—massive storage with NVMe RAID capability designed to maintain 100-percent uptime with a sustained read-write speed of 2000MB per second that is way faster than the standard 600MB per second! Additional features include USB 3.0, IPMI for remote management, and 2TB DDR4, which provides a 40 to 50-percent increase in bandwidth and 35 percent reduction in power consumption compared to the memory currently in most other servers. In short, the SD3-4136 delivers an exceptional combination of storage performance, density, efficiency, and enterprise serviceability at a cost that is surprisingly affordable. Get ready for the future with Howard’s SD3-4136 storage solution.
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