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Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities present unique challenges to providing a safe environment and comfortable care to patients and residents. Howard Medical offers a variety of solutions designed to improve the level of care as well as the patients experience.  From technologies that promote better health outcomes via Patient entertainment, education and engagement through their in room televisions, to Telehealth solutions that reduce unnecessary hospital visits by expanding access to Physician care, to Virtual Visitor options that allow patients a greater sense of connection with friends and family via video chat. Our solutions allow patients to become more engaged in their own health and well-being.
Even in the best of times, residents of long-term care and skilled nursing facilities face the challenge of feeling isolated and disconnected. The current pandemic has only deepened those feelings and increased the challenge. Our Virtual Visitor Telepresence (VVT) solutions keep patients connected to the outside world—to their friends and family, as well as their healthcare providers. Our solution contains everything needed for facilities to set up private and personal connections for residents. Virtual Visitor Telepresence is beneficial for the wellbeing of any inpatient, but it can be a virtual lifeline to long-term care residents.
COVID-19 has emphasized the need for everyone to be vigilant with a view to stopping the spread of disease, and because fever is a symptom of underlying infection, temperature verification is your first line of defense. Howard’s Temperature Sensing kiosks use the latest interactive kiosk technology—contactless, digital body temperature sensors—to provide your organization with a safe and effective way to detect people with elevated temperatures, so you can take the necessary steps to avoid unnecessary exposure to infectious disease. 

Howard Medical offers a wide variety of solutions for infection control. Our free guide highlights just some of the solutions that such as Temperature Detection Kiosks, Telehealth Endpoints, Sanitization Solutions, and Custom Acrylic Shields.  

Our Rugged Telemedicine Kit is an essential element when offering telemedicine services. This versatile kit can provide the necessary equipment to service patients anywhere you intend to go. Our RTK provides all the base necessities to achieve mobile Telehealth, you simply add the diagnostic devices you intend to use. Our RTK offers a way to expand your telemedicine program outside the walls of your facility.

Howard Medical offers a complete line of Telehealth endpoints including mobile carts, portable kits, kiosks, and wall-mount solutions that will empower your health system to reach patients wherever they may be located. The vast majority of the Howard family of products are designed, engineered, and built in the USA. Our South Mississippi facilities and workforce are a testament to the innovative processes that have driven Howard for decades.
Telehealth has always given healthcare providers a way to expand their care network and reach more patients. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic it has also allowed facilities to provide care safely, protecting both patients and staff from potential infection. Areas such as primary care, long term care facilities, and even specialties such as mental health and wellness have all been able to benefit from Telemedicine’s advantages. Howard Medical Telehealth Solutions address tough industry challenges with precision and expertise, enabling two-way, real-time, interactive communication between patients and medical personnel—anytime, anywhere
Howard's new Power Drive System for Pinnacle carts is an electrically powered drive system that assists the user in moving the cart. The user simply pulls a lever, and the cart propels itself at the desired speed as the user steers. This significantly reduces the physical effort required to maneuver the cart, resulting in less fatigue and muscular stress.
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