Virtual Visitor

Virtual Visitor

With in-person visitation restrictions put into place during the pandemic, long-term care residents face the challenge of staying connected to their loved ones. This lack of contact can increase stress and feelings of isolation, as residents lose a sense of connection to family and friends.  Our Virtual Visitor endpoints enable residents to stay in touch with loved ones, safely and remotely. Additionally, these mobile endpoints can be moved easily throughout the facility and utilized for physician consultations, as needed.
Studies have shown that residents of long-term care facilities can experience severe loneliness at a rate of at least double that of the community. Residents depend upon communication with friends and family for social support and to maintain their health and well-being in long-term care facilities. Family and other non-paid caregivers—relatives, partners, friends, and neighbors—are the most important source of emotional and practical support for older adults with chronic, disabling, or serious health conditions. Loneliness can also leave them at greater risk of cognitive decline, elevated blood pressure, and mortality.
Howard’s line of Telepresence Solutions is designed to make it easy for long-term care facilities to provide a mobile platform that connects residents to their friends and loved ones. Our HI-View, HI-Rise, and HI-Swift carts can be outfitted with a variety of tablets that, with video call software installed, can provide residents with an easy way to maintain social connections. When properly equipped, these carts can also be used for Telemedicine encounters, expanding a facility's care network.

Featured Bundles

Build Your Own Virtual Visitor Telepresence Package

Every facility is different and has unique needs. If you would like the flexibility to configure your own Virtual Visitor Telepresence Cart, simply select an option that best suits your needs from each of the following three categories.

Form Factor

Our cart form factor is the framework for your Telepresence solution. These lightweight and sturdy carts allow a tablet of your choice to be mounted on them. Tablets are mounted via a VESA mount that tilts and rotates as well as allowing for Portrait or Landscape orientation. Large casters allow the cart to be easily moved from one location to another. Our HI-Rise and HI-Swift carts are also height adjustable to allow for a better viewing experience. Choose the cart platform that best fits your needs.

  • HI-View - Fixed Height
  • HI-Swift - Adjustable Height
  • HI-Rise - Adjustable Height

Computing Device

Select the computing device that works best for you. If you are only looking for the ability conduct virtual visits via video calls, then an Android tablet may be all you need.  But if you want greater flexibility, including the option to upgrade to some basic Telehealth services, then, you may want to consider outfitting your cart with a more robust tablet, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro or Lenovo Duet 7.
  • 10” Android Tablet
  • 12.3” Windows Surface Pro
  • 13” Lenovo Duet 7 

Optional Accessories

Our optional accessories allow you to tailor your carts to best fit the needs of your facilities, staff, and patients. From additional storage, to increased power options, or a USB / Bluetooth speaker phone our optional accessories enhance the Virtual Visitor experience.


  • USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • Storage Basket
  • Power Brick Enclosure
  • Power Strip with AC/USB
  • Cord Hook
  • Cable Management Box
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