Technical Partnership Program

Howard Technology Solutions realizes that many organizations handle basic hardware service and support in one of two ways: they either make a significant investment in establishing and maintaining a group of local service providers, or they use their own internal support staff. For this reason, we have developed the Howard Technical Partnership Program (HTPP) so we can satisfy either option by facilitating timely, cost-effective, quality service in conjuction with our high standards for customer satisfaction.

Managed by our 100% US-based support engineers and technicians, HTPP is an integral part of our strategy to establish direct, personal relationships with our customers to ensure we meet all of their organizations’ needs. Participation is easy; simply complete an HTPP application online at /support/htppapp.cfm.


Program Highlights

  • No subscription fee or certification requirements
  • Labor reimbursement for authorized repairs
  • Expedited service and/or replacement part ordering
  • Free consultation to determine your optimal parts inventory with on-site parts inventory available to qualifying organizations
  • You NEVER pay for defective parts and shipping is FREE as long as the warranty claim is valid!
  • Receive frequent updates highlighting our new technologies; system improvements; and information on the latest Howard desktops, notebooks, servers, and much more.
Program Details

By participating in HTPP,  you will enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • No annual subscription fee. We do not charge any fee for participating in HTPP.
  • No certification requirements. We do not require you to have or maintain any type of professional certifications such as COMPTIA A+, COMPTIA Network, or Microsoft® certifications. However, we do encourage you to obtain certifications as appropriate and do weight these certifications when reviewing your application.
  • Labor reimbursement. Receive labor reimbursement for qualified repairs performed on Howard branded systems during the on-site warranty maintenance period. The labor reimbursement is for touch-labor on a per incident basis regardless of the number of components or subassemblies replaced. The reimbursement amount is dependent upon geographic location and negotiated prior to execution of the Howard Technology Solutions Warranty Service Agreement.
  • Expedited spare parts ordering. You may order spare parts via email or the web directly from the factory without any requirement to call us. As an HTPP member, we are assured your organization has the skilled, technical staff to properly troubleshoot and diagnose system problems and issues. Your technical staff is only required to provide exact error message and accurate diagnostic steps in determining the actual problem of the faulty hardware.
  • Recommended spare parts list. We will provide a recommended spare parts list to assist your organization in maintaining the correct number and types of spare parts. This will help you keep spare parts costs to an absolute minimum. And because we maintain an exhaustive history of all ordered parts, we can provide you with a very precise spare parts inventory recommendation.
  • On-site consignment spare parts inventory. For qualifying organizations, we will enable you to maintain a spare and a replacement part(s) inventory on-site so that you can re-stock your inventory with the replacement part(s).
  • Centralized inventory of spare parts. Howard Technology Solutions maintains an abundant inventory of spare and replacement parts at our manufacturing facility to ensure that when you need a spare part, it is readily available.
  • You must contact us to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number whenever you encounter a defective part.
  • We will send you the replacement part. With Howard Technology Solutions, you NEVER pay for defective parts as long as the warranty claim is valid.
  •  A shipping label(s) is included with the replacement part to return the defective part.
  • You return the defective part using the shipping label(s) so that you avoid additional costs.
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