Recovery Support for Microsoft Windows

Backing up and Restoring your Windows 7 PC

If your PC did not ship with reinstallation media, you will want to create a recovery backup in case you ever need to reinstall your PC. This recovery backup can be updated automatically on a regular basis and even used to recover individual files. It is our goal to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Please see our if you would like to return a product or call 1-888-912-3151 to speak to your account manager.

How to restore, refresh, or reset your Windows 8 PC

Your Howard PC running Windows 8 shipped with a backup of the system as it left the factory. You can use Windows 8's Refresh and Reset options to restore your PC to its factory state.

Create your own Windows 8 Refresh Image

The default Refresh image that ships with your Windows 8 Howard PC will remove any desktop applications that you have installed. However, you can update the Refresh image to include the desktop applications you added after initial setup. Creating this "Custom Refresh" image does not affect the "Factory Restore" image that ships with your system.

Set up a drive for File History in Windows 8

To backup and restore individual files in Windows 8, you can turn on a feature called "File History. File History utilizes an external storage drive to back up your libraries, contacts, favorites, Microsoft OneDrive, and your desktop.

Create a Windows 8 recovery drive/disc

With Windows 8, you can create recovery media set from the Factory Restore image that is included on your Howard PC. This feature will allow you to recover your system from a USB disk drive or a DVD set. After the recovery media creation process, you will also have the option of deleting the Factory Restore image to free up hard drive space.

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